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  1. Thankyou for all your comments, basically I can't cheat and I will align my scope properly, I will be doing astro/p so I'll just have to hope for a clear sky in the next 3 days as I'm not working. My luck can't be that bad...can it? ;-)
  2. I'm not saying I will do it from my south facing window, I'm asking if I take my scope out the front (north) and just put it to 40ish degrees will it work (sorry if I didn't word it properly before)
  3. I'm trying to aligning my scope with Polaris but finding it difficult due to the fact that it's always blumming cloudy, raining or when it's clear I'm either working or to busy. Now my question is, due to the fact my scope is in a south facing bedroom and I've read that Polaris is North facing at more or less 40 degrees, is there an easier way of aligning my GOTO or do I wait till clear sky's
  4. It came yesterday and I am trying to figure out how to put it together today
  5. Don't worry about hijacking this thread, I've already bought the kit from the link earlier. So hijack away :-)
  6. I have an EQ5 Equatorial mount and am looking to upgrade to the GO-TO, do I have to buy the full mount or can I just buy the bits and if so where is the best place to get them?
  7. Thanks for all your replies, I have recently bought a modified camera (which I need to add to my signature) so as an added question, would it be useful to get the barlows for the camera?
  8. I've read that you need a 3X Barlow to view Mars which visits our evening skies on 8th April, the only reason I want 4 & 5 X is so I can go further, I'm so intrigued to see what I can see :-)
  9. I'm looking for a 3x Barlow plus 4x and 5x, so I can add them to my collection and use them to the best of my ability, anyone have any preferences and links please
  10. I did put my 2x Meade in but I couldn't focus with my 25mm unless I was doing it wrong
  11. Thank you for everyone's advise, I found Jupiter with her 3 moons tonight with the 8mm then put in the 5mm to get a little closer
  12. I've been doing stargazing for about a month now and I was wondering what the best eyepiece (with or without a Barlow) should I use?
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