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  1. I have both, but tend to use the 1.25 the most for viewing. The 2" I use to mount my DSLR and the 1.25 for eyepieces.
  2. Trying to get my missus involved. Went took a flight over the shetlands to see the aurora and she has been slightly interested. Im playing on that and trying my luck with Jupiter for her! Thanks for the help guys!
  3. Thats a good find, but I wanted something I could pick up on the way home. This isnt something I plan to use often!
  4. The one I listed can apparently take 4kg, but comparatively lighter than yours. I plan to hook it up in the house, with patio doors opens. Jupiter is right outside in clear view at the moment, so wind shouldnt be a problem! I think my concerns are mounting the actual scope to it. I dont need any mods do I? Thanks for your helps peeps!
  5. I didnt want to spend much. I have the HEQ5, so just wanted something I could put up in seconds to show the missus, but also pick up relatively easily!
  6. Is this possible? My mount is too big and I would like to just mount my Williams Optics 71 to a cheap camera tripod. Is this possible to add it to something like this? http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/1086700.htm#pdpFullProductInformation
  7. Thanks for all your help. It seems like I had a profile issue with PHD2. I changed it to my equipment and it seems to work. PHD is a loss though, so given up on that. I notice that PHD2 is a lot more intricate in its detail and inputs. Do I have to put in focal length and pixel sizes etc? Thanks
  8. ive tried both many many times. I can never get it to work at all. Funny thing is that it worked about 10 months ago! Ive tried just connecting the camera and not the mount to see if i get any sort of picture when i loop it. Its just a black screen the i get not reponding!??
  9. Ive had my kit away for a while. I just getting things back up and runing and I have a problem with PHD. WWhen I try to loop, it come sup not responding after a few seconds. It has worked before but not now. The QHY5L-II works on sharpcap fine but nothing on PHD. Ive reinstalled the QHY drivers for it ASCOM and EZPlanet. Ive installed PHD again to no avail. Ive also tried PHD2 but that say the camera has disconnected, please reconnect and start again. Am i missing anything? Thanks
  10. Yes, i bought a 50mm extension and that worked perfect...thanks!
  11. Looks like a focus and alignment issue to me. Maybe even a bit of wind playing with your picture. What PA method are you using? You should easily get 20-30 seconds with a half descent PA. I can get 50-60 seconds with the hour angle method. I always find that once I PA and add weights and scopes etc, the PA does go off a little so with the bits attached, i double check the alignment.
  12. I had took a couple flats and had a play in lightroom.
  13. I managed to gain focus with a DSLR with the ZS71 albeit at the very end of travel, but wanted this scope purely for guiding. I dont seem to be able to gain focus. Just not receiving any form of light on the sensor. Anyone have used this set up and what sort of extension did you use, if needed?
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