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  1. Thank you Sub Dwarf, I had done a search but came up empty. Regards david
  2. Can anyone tell me if Celestron have updated their manual for the Starsense and if they have where can I get a copy from, If anyone has a copy could they email it to me if thats not breaking any rules. thank you david
  3. OOps I meant i hit the logo button and nothing happens. but i shall have another go. david
  4. Dave Hi, thanks for going to all that trouble for me, everything you have shown in the photo's , is the same as i get except when i get to image no 7 I was told to press the celestron logo button , I shall try it again using the no 7 (menu) button, But thank you so much for your efforts, I do feel such a nuisance but this is not as straight forward as the manufactures make out, and i am definitely not dumb . Thank you david
  5. Hi Chris,Yes I appreciate there is a lack of info from me , one thing i have noticed is various members have reported they can input there location by city , this is something i can not find I can enter the time and date but that's it, I shall try and take photos of my handset as it goes through the motions. david
  6. Well last night i tried again but no luck , even though i had updated the handset and starsense camera to the new firmware it still would not "go to" the only time it sort of worked was when i did a manual alignment on the moon and even then, when i tried to goto jupiter it was slightly off. But look on the bright side the views i got of the moon and Jupiter were superb, and all this messing about is helping me to learn about my scope and Astronomy in general allbeit the hard way plus i find the SGL crowd very helpfull, ( thank you Chris, Dave , Alan ) to name a few who without i probably w
  7. Hi guys, now i don't think I'm really thick, but I admit sometime it takes a while to sink in, Now I'm a newbie and as such I went and bought a CPC 800 edge hd scope , and a celestron starsense, so far so good I'v had some great viewing but tonight i thought i would use the Starsense to Auto align , I turned it on and it did its thing, then when it had finished i pressed the button to go to the moon, it went very close then i had to calibrate it by using the hand control, but no matter what i did it would not auto align and yes i did follow the instructions in the manual but no joy so can any
  8. Ronin hi, thank you for your help and concern in trying to help a newbie it is very much appreciated i have taken advice and looked on this site amongst other places for the serial chipset to be used when reinstalling the firmware, so fingers crossed i hope everything goes alright and as i said to chris i shall keep you informed of how it goes if it all goes down toilet you will probably see a cpc 800 advertised for sale shortly david
  9. Chris hi, many thanks for your help it is very much appreciated. the thoughtfulness and concern that you and other members in the group show twards trying to help me with my problem is truly appreciated so thank you very much. i have tried every combination possible on my handset but i still cannot reach the utilities settingsso for the reason i will do i reinstall and yes i am very much aware that the different serial adaptor sets out there i have ordered a prolific chipset and also there is another 1 i saw that was used successfully by another member of this group i cannot think of the name
  10. Chris hi, before the factory reset, the time showing in the handset was way out, and when i did the reset i could not get the menu system to operate, so its a firmware reinstall ime afraid.
  11. Thanks Ronin, no I always use the manual, as my memory is Rubbish, but I shall be reinstalling the firmware in the next day or so, I shall keep you all informed of the outcome.
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