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  1. On the Bino's vs telescope thing - I wouldn't write off the Bino's as a terrible idea (although I agree if a telescope has been asked for then a Telescope is the thing). I bought my 7 year old godson 10x 50's - something that on the face of it would be a terrible idea but: -They were a £20 pair on special offer from Argos so they were cheaper than the "toy" ones!! - He thought it was incredible someone would give him a grown up pair of anything. He absolutely loves them - I'm sure they'll get trashed , knocked, dropped and broken in short order but if it lights just one spark of interest t
  2. Just.. wow... Every now and then something/someone comes along and I have the mixed desires to either rush out and try harder or rush out and smash everything with a hammer Fortunately I have no hammers to hand. Astronomy photographer of the year has opened for 2013 - I've saved you the bother of searching and included the link below. http://www.rmg.co.uk/visit/exhibitions/astronomy-photographer-of-the-year/competition/ prod prod
  3. If by "easier to track the sun" you mean "easier to push around and adjust where it's pointing" opposed to "something that will actually track the sun for you" I use this combination Manfrotto 128 RC fluid video head. http://www.wexphotographic.com/buy-manfrotto-128rc-micro-fluid-video-head/p10903 on a red snapper tripod http://www.redsnapperuk.com/camera-accessories/copy_of_RST-283.html It's got nice clutch controls and a fluid movement and the whole assembly is light-ish. I use the same head with my WO ZS80 and it works fine (although the '80 is really pushing it weight wise - it's a bit
  4. My Brother has a Fiat Doblo which he's outfitted with a single bed frame for when he goes Diving. That seems to work well for him. We've got a combi camp trailer tent which is fantastic. £700 off ebay - fitted fridge, cooker 240V - you can erect the main unit in literally 5 mins. Light to tow. Only downside? not good in high winds.
  5. sorry but it looks like camping is out for us. Weve both been under the weather with the fluey bug thing. As wonderful as your company was last year - camping in the rain really doesnt appeal. We'll see about coming down tomorrow for theday to say hello (and the hog rost ) Have fun. Tony
  6. Light gathering "power" is determined by area ... so ... If you want to compare light grasp (as a quick rule of thumb) simply square the diameter. 130^2 = 16900 114^2 = 12996 100^2 = 10000 so the 130 is 70% bigger than the 100.
  7. The 200p and the etx are both nice scopes. At f13.8 the etx is good for planets and as you said it's light, small and portable. I certainly wouldn't trade it in before using it - even if you don't get on with it at first it's going to take some time to get used to it (months not days) and figure out how to get goto aligned etc.. Take a deep breath
  8. Buy Hose, Tube and Airline Coils Antistatic polyurethane tube,25m Lx8mmOD Legris 1025U08A01 online from RS for next day delivery. Buy Hose, Tube and Airline Coils Black light duty nylon tube,30m Lx6mm OD RS NLF0610/BK/0030/RS online from RS for next day delivery.
  9. Ok Crazy idea but could you arrange the legs of the secondary support cell to do this? (obviously not on a refractor ) "self focusing" newtonian set up ?
  10. Ok extremely quick and very, very dirty (an electronics engineer may just burst into tears when they see this it's that bad ....) but something like this might work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=het492-qc2A the code running this basically just "steps" forwards a set amout everytime the reset button is pressed #include <AFMotor.h> AF_Stepper motor(200, 1); void setup() { motor.setSpeed(10); // 10 rpm motor.step(50, FORWARD, SINGLE); } void loop() { }
  11. You can build your own... I'm guessing it's just driving the stepper motor a set number of steps between filter positions. Have a look on the t'interweb for "arduino". I'm an electronics numpty and have shocked myself at what you can do with one of these and a bit of a head wind.
  12. There's a very enthusiastic yahoo group for equatorial platforms. I was going to build one but then the opportunity for a pier and a secondhand eq6 at a decent price came along
  13. I've got a 10" skyliner ex dob on a EQ6 mount. No problem to do - need to remove the plastic altitude bearings or you'll find you can't reach the eyepiece in certain orientaions. It's handy because for SGL7 I refitted the bearings - voila ! dob again. just dont drop the nuts onto the mirror.
  14. bit further north but it's only a 30 min drive on the motorway
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