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  1. Welcome... makes me think you are a teacher.
  2. Welcome from Michael, in South Africa... and yes.. Mars is nearly always...well..
  3. normally...(when one lives in the European district), a scope is stored inside.. When weather permits...the scope is carried outside, and therefore the environmental temperature as opposed to the inside ambient temperature creates a rather large delta T. Hence, the scope needs to cool down.
  4. I agree with fatwoul (name?) I too try to support...eh...international business and especially from the USA and I love supporting my own local hardware store and.... damn... never mind...
  5. I would start with basic Newtonian physics, and maybe blend in a bit of Feynman and Bohr...you know...to make it palatable. oh...and use some pictures.. kids love that.. pictures..
  6. A SW with a RACI finder? wow... you lucky...you
  7. Well..at least we don't have streetlights... so that solves that problem...
  8. Wish they made a sign in South Africa saying: "No house invasions, robberies and murders after 12 am" One can only hope...
  9. I just noticed.. JamesF... You have 21,087 posts? .... Geez... Now that's an astronomy lover..
  10. It is weird...that is... I thought it was a fallacy (will I be censored for using that word?),... But...when I bought my scope, and assembled it, clouds hovered over my house for 4 weeks !....four weeks!!! My wife just smiled and said: "Yes...that's what you get my dear.." pffff
  11. you airforce?..marine? We salute you..
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