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  1. It did cross my mind I might be looking at the wrong thing, I will try tomorrow in daylight to align it again, and hope for a clear night:) thanks for the advice on the lenses, much appreciated.
  2. I am totally new to sky watching, I decided to buy a skywatcher mercury 707 for me and my 6yo daughter to use, as it looked quite simple to use and set up. we had great views of the moon last night using the supplied 2xbarlow and super 25mm lense, tonight we have had a look at Jupiter using the same lenses and we managed to see a bright blob, couldn't find it with the 10mm! Can I improve the view with better lenses? Do I need some sort of filter? I had one for the moon. Sorry for the silly questions and advice I would be grateful for:) thank you
  3. I have had a look at this and to be honest I it looks a bit complicated for us, maybe we could progress to this in time. When we know what we are doing:-)
  4. It's my daughters 6th birthday in 2 weeks so I was hoping to get one for then. I have always had an interest but never done anything about it. I know where the moon is! And a few stars but that is it! Also never owned a telescope. I have looked at the skywatcher mercury 707 and celestron astromaster 70az. I presume these are very similar?
  5. I'm looking for a beginners scope also suitable for a child to use for looking at planets, I have a budget of £80. Or am I asking the impossible with my price range?
  6. Great thanks, I'm going to book and see how we get on. Fingers crossed for a clear night!
  7. Hi, I'm totally new to this, but my daughter keeps asking about stars and planets, so I thought I would get her a telescope for her birthday. But which one?! There are hundreds!! I have been looking at celestron first scope or sky watcher 76, can anybody recommend a simple to use but fairly decent scope to look at the moon, saturns moons etc thank you in advance
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