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  1. Hi there. Wonder if I can pick peoples brains here..... My friend built an AAF2 focuser for me some time ago and it worked well for a good amount of time. Now it seems that after a short time SGPRO is losing the connection. 1st thing to go is the temp readout, then the motor refuses to turn and focus my scope...... Like tonight this is what has happened. If I bring my scope indoors to test it tomorrow, I KNOW it will work ok for a short time then start doing the same again.....
  2. There is definitely potential there. I'm no expert when it comes to AP since I have had my own fair few number of "throw in the towel" moments but this image you took isn't half bad. Yes the focus is off and its a bit noisey but these are things that you learn to fix as you improve...... Keep going, you'd regret it if you don't...
  3. I just stumbled upon this thread. I would love to get something like this up and running myself but I have neither the equipment (3d printer) or the apparent knowledge to accomplish.... Closest I can get is my home made dome from an old security camera and my QHY5L-II Mono.......
  4. A friend of mine was good enough to build me one of these focusers for my scope, and then I proceeded to basically blow it and my laptop up last Saturday due to my stupidity. Basically, to cut a long story short I connected everything up correctly and in the right order and then proceeded to connect the wrong voltage up to my USB hub. I blew up the hub, blew the Arduino, the motor board and the USB3 hub built into my nice shiny new laptop... Needless to say I felt like a bit of a prize idiot that night. The Laptop is away being repaired and should be returned next Friday hopefully (9th Septemb
  5. I just realised that I hadn't actually posted in SGL for a while, and even then I don't think I introduced myself...... Amatuer "Astronomer", and I use the term as loosely as possible. Love everything about the night sky, when Scotland gets to actually see any of it. Just really starting out but building my kit levels up and learning new things all the time. Just need to learn my way around the sky now and I will be all set.....
  6. Ok, maybe i am being stupid or doing something wrong..... I "think" i have followed the steps detailed exactly from the above video.... When i click on "CONNECT" in satelite tracker i get an error message "Cannot Connect to Telescope". I have ASCOM simulator scope selected in the EQMODLX mount select and am connected.... I have a Virtual Com port 5 created and listening.... but still the same error when i hit connect... Can anyone point me in the right direction.....PLEASE!!!
  7. Ok, so here's a question for all those post-mod users....... The original 12V socket can be utilized as a 12V supply after this mod is complied..... Would I get away with running a 12V splitter from this socket..... 1 into 2 12V supplies. 1 for my auto-focuser and another as a supply for my Canon camera????
  8. I just received my scope back after a friend assembled one of these focuser motors for me.... Works like a charm and looks a lot neater than I must admit I thought it would........
  9. Glider, you still around on here....... Still got any of these USB controllers hitting about. I could be interested as my manual focussing is SERIOUSLY bad......
  10. Anyone have this image to hand so I can see how tight this case is on this scope as I am looking for something for my 200PDS
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