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  1. But why stay here? I think that if we did, we'd lose sight of the possiblity of ever leaving if we didn't start the process now, even if its just plans for next century As for dumping waste in the ocean, it would cause sea levels to rise dramtically. We make a hell of a lot of waste!!
  2. Hiya Zork, welcome from a fellow newbie Robert
  3. Cheers guys, thats a real help,will keep you posted on what I manage to get my hands on. Again, many thanks Robert
  4. Hi all, What would be a good starting telescope? I'm 25, so am not looking for a kiddy scope (no offence to youngsters). Now, I'm looking for an inexpensive one, no more than £200 max. I want to be able to view the solar system & beyond, as best possible. I'd also like something that I can connect upto the computer, but keep in mind im a new to all this as possible Cheers Robert
  5. Robert

    Hi all!!!!!

    Cheers for the big warm welcome all Looking forward tochatting with you all
  6. Hi all, I think that the solution to todays current economic crisis is to colonise space, and quickly!! Now don't be hasty and say no-way, hear what I've got to say first:) 1) Start with a proper International Space Station. With one of these we can do unrestricted science stuff, clean up Earths lower orbit of all the cr*p like chinese satalite debris and so on. 2) The Moon. Lets have a nice, shiney, nifty Moon base with orbital docks. This could lead to manufacturing facilities, science facilities, military (International ONLY) facilities, and coresponding communities scattered over the surfa
  7. Robert

    Hi all!!!!!

    Hi, I'm Robert. I'm from Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, UK. Been into astronomy for a while, but in desperate need of a telescope I live with my g/f and have two children, my daughter Kcorra (9) and my son Archie (Nearly 4). Cheers lol Robert
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