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  1. I think looking out the window is probably the most accurate way of telling what its gonna be like, can trust any weather report. Cheers Neil
  2. Hi Amanda, I have a 130pm and a few months ago also bought the 12" dob but made sure it was a flextube for storage reasons as its much smaller when packed down which would solve your storage problems aswell. However, the 12" is quite heavy when its taken off its base and even more heavy if you try and carry it together but I have to lump it up and down 2 lots of stairs every time I want to use it as I live in a flat and its a nightmare every time. The views through it compared to the 130pm are soo much better although a scope is only as good as your eyepieces as I found out. I was lucky enough to use a couple of other peoples expensive eyepieces, (Televue Nagler and WO zoom eyepieces) through the 130pm and this made a real difference. I also had a look through a couple of different 8" skywatchers and the quality is really good, you will notice a big difference from the 130 to a 200 skywatcher. You should wait until next year when you come along to the SGL5 star Party and then you can check out the difference of everyones scopes from the views, size and weights etc. Cheers Neil
  3. I dont want to put a dampner on things but I have a good friend thats involved in the distribution of books to uganda and other parts of Africa. On a weekly basis more then 20 thousand books are packed into boxes and sent to the ports to be shipped over. He told me that out of every thousand books that are sent only 1 or 2 will arrive safely. Problems with their government and import duties and corruption and also the selling of these books before they arrive to other nations. it was actually researched by my friends company that 20 in every thousand somehow end up back here where they started from. (Strange) Also at anyone time there is at least 2 million books waiting at the ports in containers and these books never seam to move and can sit there for years. But overall its a good cause Nick. Cheers Neil
  4. Try Gimp its free and it has the add ons like Curves and its quite easy to use. I've just downloaded it and it seams to be fine if Photoshop Elements is all you have like me. Cheers Neil
  5. Hi AB, I think you purchased the Filters from a chap that turned up only for a few hours on saturday with Richard next to our campervan. I'm unsure if the chap is a member on here but he's good friends with Richard, aka RCWinter, maybe you could send him a PM asking. Cheers Neil
  6. Hi mick, M11 was definately a wonderfull site over the weekend, I to was very shocked to see it fit entirely into the eyepiece so clear and so bright at a reasonable mag. I culd almost count every individual star within that duck pond. Cheers Neil
  7. M57 - The Ring Nebula was one of my best views over the recent star party week on the Thursday evening the sky's were reasonable dark and very clear and M57 was very clear through the 12" dob looked just like a donut, yum yum !! Keep try amanda you'll see it soon as i was also able to view it through my 130pm with a 12mm eyepiece and 2x barlow, very small though and much fainter but could make out the shape and darker center clearly. cheers Neil
  8. Hi everyone, Now I know this image of Jupiter is quite poor but its my first proper image that looks anything remotely like a planet taken with my ickle 130pm on a cg5 mount. I captured only 250 frames with a phillips 840k, stacked it in registax and played arround with it in my very old version of photoshop. It now gives me something to work off so I can improve over time but I'm very happy with it seeing I'm no imager. Cheers Neil
  9. Well I've been trying to capture some planet images for a while and haven't yet been able to do any as good as yours. I use a Skywatcher 130p on a CG5 tracking mount with a Philips Toucam 840k then try and process them through registrax. cheers Neil
  10. very nice images Anthony, what set up do you use? Cheers Neil
  11. I dont think it would take much to add some sort of adjustable feet to the bottom of these bases. Like these from this website -- Plastic Feet, Adjustable Glides, Furniture Feet, Levelling Feet, Machine Feet, Tilting Adjusters and Conveyor Feet from UK suppliers Ross Handling Ltd. Cheers Neil
  12. The image was really clear as its mag is really good for viewing. With a 2x barlow and a 15mm lens I could make out at least 4 moons and the coloured bandings arround it. I just wish I could capture a good image of it to show you. Cheers Neil
  13. In the frames I have, I dont have one thats as good as the single image above. Does that mean I need to keep trying the settings on the webcam whilst its in view??? Maybe tonight, I'll try and allign the scope early so I can track it accurately and be able to adjust the settings and then capture a few thousand frames. Cheers Neil
  14. Hi Arad85, Yes the Auto mode is off. I've just put another shot of 304 frames through registrax again, I alligned them and at the bottom, the slider reports that 93.8% are of low quality would this be the reason why their not being processed any better because the quality is low??? Cheers Neil
  15. Great images Frank I wish I could capture images like these. Cheers Neil
  16. At about 23:00 last night, I looked out of the window and to my surprise there it was fairly low in the sky but really bright and I knew straight away that I was looking at Jupiter for the first time ever. I quickly grabbed the bins and then before the cloud came in I grabbed my skywatcher 130P with my phillips 840K webcam and a barlow. I didn't have time to allign the scope or even connect the motor drive but the views through the scope on its own were really clear. I could see 4 of its moons and even make out 2 of Jupiters bandings/rings arround it in colour. Now capturing the Moon with the webcam is fine but the last couple of months I tried to image Saturn and the results were poor. Last night, even though I had no tracking set up and I was only able to capture about 150 frames befor it drifted the results were still very poor. I just cant seam to get to grips with the webcam for planetary imaging. I tried all the programs (wxAstro capture) settings whilst viewing the planet on the lappy but this was no good. The image through the cam just seamed to be over exposed all the time and I couldn't get the same detail on the lappy as I could just viewing with a 15mm lens. Even though I only had low frame rates and I knew the images were rubbish I tried to process them last night using Registrax and it made them a little clearer but not even worth a go putting them through photoshop. Can someone really help me try and capture a decent image of a planet or if someone is going to the salisbury star party, give me a couple of hours of their time helping me set everything up to capture loads of frames of Jupiter and maybe also show me how to use registrax properly??????? please These were the best I could do last night before the clouds came in, so you can see why I'm so frustrated....... If I kwew how, I would also post a copy of the raw frames/movie before I put it through registrax. Cheers Neil
  17. I'll be bringing along a couple of rolls of Red cellophane I've purchase from hobby craft that a cover some of the lights or windows. Cheers neil
  18. I'm hoping somone takes a motorised version to the Salisbury Star Party so I can see if its worth updated my manual Flextube in the future. I haven't yet been able to take any images using the flextube I tend to use my other scope as it tracks quite accurately. Cheers Neil
  19. Great report TJ nice to see you'll be coming along to the star party as the last time we met you were unsure. The Flextube is going strong and you can check it out at the party next month. cheers mate Neil
  20. I luckily purchased our scope from TJ from this site at a good price. If you shop arround you can pick one up used for under £500. The views are incredible with this scope although I havent yet been to a really dark site. I'm hoping at the Salisbury star party it'll be really dark so we can really appreciate the optics of the scope. But since we purchased it we haven't been dissapointed. It also collapses down very easy and can be put back up really well. Its a heavy scope including the base but i dont find it a problem moving it. Cheers Neil
  21. You should purchase the latest Sky at night magazine, it has a really great review of the scope and highly recommends it. cheers Neil
  22. Great images. Now I used to be a 'conspiracy theorist' before I educated myself and got into astronomy. However, I thought the recent moon probes were able to capture images as close as 50cm away I'm sure I recalled this being said on the July Sky at Night program? Also If I were a 'conspiracy theorist' the images above still wouldn't satify me. (but I'm not any more) Cheers Neil
  23. I've read the tutorial and it appears very helpfull. I'm trying to download the K3CCDtools version 1 as its free but I keep getting a message saying unable to download the file is either zipped or corrupted. Can anyone help? Cheers Neil
  24. Hi everyone, I'm off for a week away next weekend and I still haven't been able to capture a decent image using the Philips 840K webcam with my skywatcher 130 on the CG5. I've been using wxAstro Capture version 1.5-1 as it has a larger screen to see the image but I just can seam to set the exposure correctly. I could really do with some advise on the ideal settings to help me capture some good images next week whilst I'm away. I was hoping to capture Jupiter and saturn and even the moon. Philips provide a software program called Philips V lounge but I haven't really used it. Can someone please help me with the settings for either the wxAstro or Vlounge programs. Thanks Neil
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