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  1. I agree, they are running up business but if they try harder to run the business they may suceed and gain more custom in the process. If we all had good local shops thet were willing to help, we would all prefer to spend our hard earned cash in their shops and not soo much on the internet. Like I said previously, it doesnt cost the staff in the shop anything for a bit of good old brittish customer service. Cheers Neil
  2. Well if your customer service was as ignorant as the shop this thread is about then I can see why your no londer "in business" Nevermind
  3. Please name and shame the shop, they certainly deserve it we all need to know who to avoid, it doesn't cost any thing for a bit of customer service. Cheers Neil
  4. From experience, campsites seam to make up their own rules about the size pitch you get but an average size of a pitch is normally between 21 -24ft sq. Normally if you have a large tent you need to notify/ask the campsite if it ok, but as its rally field that wont really apply but you may need to speak to the rally organisers from this site when the booking is up and running. Cheers Neil
  5. Enjoy the 130p many of us on this forum started off with these scopes and we haent looked back since. The 130 is a really powerfull scope especially for beginners. Enjoy the viewing. Cheers Neil
  6. Cannopy generators would do the trick, They are silent, run continuous with no sudden surges of power and should provide more then enough power outlets for everyone, Most of these Generators also reduce the power down to 32amps. Canopy Generators --- Speedy Hire Worth a look. Cheers Neil
  7. Since the program went live on the 4th SGL has had over 150 new members... wow......
  8. Totally agree, dont knock something thats a help to our hobby. Cheers Neil
  9. Well, for beginners I think the program was pretty informative and should be even more so tomorrow evening going into more details about constilations etc. Good work BBC and Brian cox. Cheers Neil
  10. I think the problem with stargazing at the moment is CLOUDS, which is probably why lots of recorded parts are being shown. Be patient. Cheers Neil
  11. Hi Matt, OllyPenrise based in the south East of France caters for astronomy holidays, check out his website - Les Granges Very good place I've heard. Cheers Neil
  12. Great, I have the money for that already so I#ll be ordering it sometime this week. Thanks for the help Billy. Cheers Neil
  13. I dont have Photoshop yet either and I've been saving up for it. Therefore, is PixInsight a cheeper alternative or would I still require photoshop aswell? Cheers Neil
  14. Thanks for the link. It looks like it'll cost about £200 euros, is it definately worth the money or can the same results be achieved using Photoshop etc? Cheers Neil
  15. PixInsight.........where can I get this from and how much does it cost? also, do you need another specific program to run it? Cheers Neil
  16. Great Image mate. Hope you manage to get a friend to drain the tank for you and clean out the pipes leading into the engine. Last year I did exactly the same I had to call the RAC and it cost £180.00 plus the cost of a full tank again. Best of luck mate Neil
  17. Yeah anyone not been before shouldn't be put off by the cold its a very good place for your first time. And yes Squiddy did get sun burnt but that was due to the execessive amount of alcohol he drunk before hand and just sat all day face first in the sun....lol We cant wait to go again next year and we will be in our new tent only used once although its about the sixe of our flat. Cheers Neil
  18. A large flight case should do the trick, I've just purchased one off ebay that should hold the scope, tripob and mount even all the controller and eyepieces etc. cheers Neil
  19. Absolutely agree, keep looking for a second hand HEQ5 mounts, Astro Buy and sell sold a goto snyscan version for about £300 the other week. Cheers# Neil
  20. Personally, I'm no expert but I've just purchased an ED80 and was advised to purchase the HEQ5 rather then the EQ5 or the CG-5. I had a CG5 non Goto and the HEQ5 is far more stronger and sturdy. Also the Celestron mounts seam to be a lot noisy. cheers Neil
  21. Wait til you see Saturn then that'll make you smile. Enjoy. Neil
  22. Hi Again paul, Just to let you know the ST102 arrived save and well this afternoon. Thanks and maybe we'll meet at a future star party. cheers Neil
  23. Hi Guys, well I purchase the new setup a couple of weeks ago, still trying to come to grips with it but my old lappy wasn't upto the job so I treated myself to a new Laptop and check this out for spec........ Its a Toshiba Satelite 17.5" HD screen and graphics card It has built in harman/kardon speakers Intel Core TM 2 Duo CPU Processor T9400 @ 2.53GHz 4.00 GB RAM 2 x 320GB installed hard drives It is so fast I cant keep up with it I'm normall used to rubbishy old lappys that know one wants. I should have no trouble now storing infomation on this lappy just gotta learn how to take these damn images now.. Cheers Neil
  24. Interesting thread........I also have a Cannon DSLR and I'm now taken by maybe purchasing a CCD however, after my recent spending on new setup I'm running a bit low on the old cash front so I think my budget would be limited to a max of £250. What's the best either new or second hand CCD that you would recommend for that sort of money?? Cheers Neil
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