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  1. Hey Gnomey, Hope it goes well for you and you have clear skies, wish I wss coming, maybe next time if I can afford to purchase a new light weight scope. Enjoy. Neil
  2. drummerp

    Images by Neil

    Astronomy images captured by me.
  3. That's one amazing image you captured there TJ you must have had some sleepless nights to to to capture that 30 hours worth of data. Cheers Neil
  4. Really great images Gnomey, theres me thinking that all you done all week was drink Cider !!! cheers Neil
  5. Hi all, Here are my first ever images sinse purchasing my ED80. I was unable to set up the guide scope as the camera wouldn't work so the images are both un guided. Lots of help from people at SGL which was really apreciated. M42 15 x 20s subs 20 x 30s subs iso - 1600 5 x darks Stacked in DSS Processed in CS4 M13 20 x 30s subs 5 x darks iso - 800 Stacked in DSS Processed in CS4 Please let me know what you think.....
  6. The images I've posted above look really bad compared to the image I have saved on my PC, how should I save the image to be able to post on here without losing the quality? Cheers Neil
  7. Yet another great SGL star party, very well organised and you even brought the clear skys along for the last 3 nights. Hopefully I've posted below my first ever 2 images of M42 and M13 un guided from the last couple of nights and must personally thank, Deano, Squiddy boy, Gnomey, Mick, Hankey, Ian and anyone else that helped me with setting up the new image rig. Hopefully it wont be long until I'm guiding. Cheers Neil
  8. Still waiting for thiswhite stuff to go away, might have to pack up for the night, its mighty cold now. Cheers Neil
  9. Hi Hex, Well it depends on what you want to achieve and see but £450 can get you alot of good scopes new and second hand. You could pick up a 12" standard dob or flextube second hand for £450 and that will give you great views of galaxies and the planets and you can re-learn the night sky at the same time. Cheers Neil
  10. We're here and waiting but the sky is full of white stuff !! Theres always tomorrow..
  11. Hi, I've had this webcam for a while now and used it many times however not for a while and the software I had for it was saved on an old laptop that packed up and I can find the disk for it. Does anyone know of any links to the original software that would have come with it or links to any other software that can be used instead. Cheers Neil
  12. I'll find you wednesday somewhere stumbling along the banks of the river looking lost and confused then... oh and tree hugging !! Cheers Neil
  13. I'm assuming the FLO guys are gonna be at this years party, if so please bring lots of dew prevention equipment for sale I'm sure many of us will be needing some, I know I will need something and I'll bring along some spare cash. Oh... and if you could bring along clear skys aswell that a be even better !! Cheers Neil
  14. Well if anyone needs to warm there toes I'm sure we will have plenty of room in our tent to come and warm up with a nice cup of tea! And we'll give you all a couple of hours fun watching us put up the tent when we arrive, as its only our 2nd time of using it just hope its not raining and windy. PS - I forgot to say, excluding the SQUIDDY BOY! you know who you are, you cant have our gimp friend that i keep in the back of the tent.
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