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  1. I have been looking at the 8-24 Baader eyepiece. Is this suitable for my 250 Skyliner Dob, and is there a Barlow that would work well with it? Thanks for any assistance.
  2. The remote wasn't connected when the shutter press wouldn't work. Is this how it's supposed to be on a 60D?
  3. Just checked with the remote and hey ho - it works. Now why should it work remotely but not with the shutter button on the camera?
  4. Camera turned on and off - press of the shutter. Absolutely nothing!
  5. Definitely. I took some pics of a woodpecker in the garden earlier.
  6. For the first time today, I connected my canon 60D to my Skyliner 250 via a T ring. I attempted to take a picture with the camera, on manual settings, of some far away trees just to check it worked, but there was no response from the camera. The subject could be seen through both the viewfinder and on liveview. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Probably something stupid, but it's driving me nuts!!
  7. I am now thinking an ED80 with an HEQ 5. But I have ordered 'Making Every Photon Count' and will try and learn a lot from this, plus the group I have joined. I don't want to commit to silly spending.
  8. I think I am more inclined to go for DSO imaging - but you never know what is going to get your juices flowing.
  9. I have joined a group and hope to join them, weather permitting, to stargaze next week. Hope to learn a lot then.
  10. Thanks for the interest and the comments. It just shows how difficult a decision it is to decide what to buy. I will certainly invest in the book, and continue talking to people and reading the forum.
  11. I have looked at the Celestron Advanced 80 EdgeHD, but have also been advised that an EQ6 mount with a scope such as an opticstar ED80S may be the best way to start, as the mount will do me as I upgrade or expand equipment in the future. I have read the AVX Celeston mount is easy to set up, and I will be travelling to various locations. Any help or further recommendations would be appreciated. Also, what extra equipment do you consider essential? I have a canon 60D camera, and once I gain more experience, will probably buy a CCD next year.
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