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  1. Seemingly regardless of how I approach it, M31 always seems to deliver underwhelming results for me. At the moment I can only gawp in awe and admiration at some of the amazing shots people get of this target. I've tried everything from layer-masked OSC stacks of varying sub length to try and capture it's large dynamic range, adding 20 minute HA subs as luminance etc but nothing ever seems to make the resulting image look convincing. Perhaps it's a target that works best with an LRGB approach? I dunno....Any advice gratefully received I'm going to have another go around November from a dark site I use, fingers crossed!
  2. Hi there Do you have a camera with set point cooling? If you do it's possible to build a darks library outside of precious imaging time that are the same duration and temperature as your light exposures. Flats, however, are intended to correct visual imperfections in the optical train such as dust bunnies and vignetting so need to be taken at the end of each imaging run, unless of course you have a permanent set up where the camera orientation and focusser position never shifts and no new dust appears etc. I know some imagers who regularly reuse their flats but in general you need to generate them at the end of each session, especially if you repeatedly tear down and reassemble your kit like I do ? Hope that make sense ? Rich
  3. Hi everyone! After lurking on this wonderful forum for over a year now and taking advantage of the knowledge freely shared by it's incredibly talented and committed members I've finally made this, my first post. I became totally addicted to astrophotography back in 2014 when I saw my very first capture appear on the lappy screen - a wonderful feeling that continues to repeat itself every single time I image. The standard of the work featured on this site is nothing short of stunning and will always give me something to strive for, so once again thank you all for being such a caring, sharing community I've attached a quick attempt at M42 which unfortunately wasn't calibrated (I've since seen the error of my ways ), but I was quite pleased with it non the less. It was taken with a QHY8L and an SW ED80 at a dark site in Derbyshire that I haul a portable setup to on the very rare cloudless, moonless nights that we get in the UK - total integration time around 1 hour. Hope you like it. Cheers! Rich
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