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  1. Thanks for the kind words! M42 was around 1.5 hrs in 600s, 300s and 60s subs to try and capture the DR of the object. The M31 is 10 x 600. Rich
  2. Hi I'd recommend the x0.85 FF/FR with the ED80 and the QHY8L - it's a great camera with very low noise - here are a couple of shots taken purely with the 8L from a dark(ish) site
  3. We have a winner! FWIW I like the contrast between the softer stars and the galaxy, it all adds to the dynamic of the image. I really love this!
  4. That's brilliant Olly, really beautiful!
  5. On first glance this could easily be mistaken for M101, although this seems more symmetrical and to my eye a more attractive target. I think it's lovely and look forward the addition of HA - perhaps a little more micro contrast/sharpening on the innermost core spiral may add to the 3D effect that this fantastic image already has? Chapeau! Rich
  6. Yes, that's correct. I was trying to convey that we can get too caught up in calculations rather than concentrating on the end product and what it looks like. My old metalwork teacher used to say "if it looks right it is right" - I for one am making pictures, not scientific analyses. Not disagreeing with your methodical and scientific approach at all here, just looking at things from a different point of view ? You're never going to beat the seeing anyhow, which is shocking here at the moment! Rich
  7. +1 If your subs have round stars then that's that as far as I'm concerned. I've had guide graphs that look horrendous but have ended up with nice round stars on 1200s subs using the Orion SSAG and 162mm FL guidescope with a 900mm Newt. Go for it!
  8. I know we're dealing with a mirror in this particular instance but this article helps give insight and perspective into the effect of damaged optics on IQ. Not AP I know, but you get the idea! ?
  9. I'm trying to find out if the old QHYCFW 1st Gen is compatible with the new QHY cameras with the 4 pin socket. I'm sure the RS232 signal is okay, I'm just concerned about the 12v aspect on the new connector. Many thanks in advance for any help! Rich
  10. If we take the average of the corner values and use that figure to get a percentage of the centre illumination, the 1.25" filter gives us 85% and the 2" gives us 90% (both rounded). Very acceptable in both instances I would say!
  11. Well, my logic tells me it's a good test and it works for me but others may disagree. The resultant calibrated single flat should show no signs of vignetting when stretched. It may be worth creating a special frame with a much lower adu than the flat and calibrate that as well but this is just a thought. HTH ?
  12. That looks fine to me mate, I'm sure your subs will calibrate fine. Have you tried calibrating a single flat with your master flat? That is a good test to see if calibration will be effective (I think!?) Rich
  13. I have a QHY9 that uses the 8300. I don't use a FW, instead using a Geoptik lens adapter. I can use 1.25" filters with this at f2.8 without issue but suspect I am getting my filter closer to the chip than you.
  14. As the title says, does anybody have any experience or opinions of the Omegon Pro broadband ccd filters as seen here? The price looks very competitive and the brand tends to receive positive reviews. Many thanks in advance for any input ? ? Rich
  15. JPEGs will be fine if we are evaluating the differences in illumination between the centre and edges of the frame. Just give them the STF treatment in PI or equivalent stretch in another app so we can see it. It might also be worth checking the adu values at the centre and edges of the frame in the linear state and posting those as well. HTH Rich
  16. Have you checked that your sequence has an associated equipment profile that includes a plate solve option (such as Platesolve2)?
  17. That's lovely Sara, 56 hours and worth every minute! ? I really like the palette you've chosen BTW.
  18. Try the trial of CCDInspector http://www.ccdware.com/products/ccdinspector/ This will allow you to check you tilt with the camera insitu in real time - not sure if it's more effective than MaxSelector, as I've not used the latter. HTH Rich
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