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  1. I dont know if this has been asked before , but I wondered how or what got us all interested in astronomy? I personally was always being shown the constellations by my Dad from about 5 years old and have always remembered how he showed me how to find the pole star by following the two pointers in the big dipper. I got my first telescope (Tasco) when I was about 20 and had much pleasure with this for a few years. I lost interest for a while due to the fact that the 60mm Tasco was way too weak for me and I coudln't afford the 12 inch Reflector that I saw in magazines for ABOUT 3 YEARS WAGES !!!. I did get hold of an 8 inch reflector a few years later (It even had an Equatorial mount) but as I lived in a tiny terraced house at the time it was far too heavy and cumbersome to be used to its best , so Alas this was sold. I now have the Celestron 127 SLT Mak which I find ideal for my uses ...until I get into DSO Photography ....The wife wont know how much I need to spend ...will she ?...anyway Thats my story...it will be interesting to read some others when I get back from Spain in 10 days or so ....cheers all Pete
  2. Found this while interwebibng again..Like it lots
  3. Have you looked at an intervalometer ? You dont say what Camera you have But if its a DSLR thes things are made for most models , Look at this for an example ,,hope this helps http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Time-lapse-intervalometer-remote-timer-shutter-for-Canon-DSLR-500D-450D-Camera-/321239845011?pt=UK_Photography_DigitalCamAccess_RL&hash=item4acb630893#ht_2425wt_1319
  4. Thanks all for the praise , I have only been doing this stuff for a week or two. i was just wondering is this the best I can expect from my present set up? Not sure if investing in a CCD will improe the detail in these photo's or if I am pushing the Mak to its limits already? I would hate to waste money on an expensive CCD camera only to find that there is little or No improvement...any help would be appreciated ..Cheers Pete
  5. I am thinking of getting into webcam/CCD imaging and saw this. i wonder has anyone had any first hand expierience of this product? It seem to be too cheap to be any good , and I dont want to waste money as it is hard to come by !!!. I am also looking at a Celestron neximage5 which is a lot more expensive but has a proven track record.......Your thoughts on this would be appreciated Cheers Pete P.S I am using a Celestron 127 Mak with a Canon 650D at the moment http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Solar-System-CCD-Astronomy-Imaging-Photography-Set-/380827149668?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item58ab112564#ht_4281wt_1259
  6. Morning all these are the best I could muster from yesterday evening just after dark Celestron 127 Mak, Canon 650D , around 30 sec to 1 min of Video converted to AVI then fed through Castrator and Registax 6
  7. Mornring all these were the best shots I managed yesterday evening just after dark ....Celestron 127 Mak ,Canon 650D , aroud 30 sec to 1 min of vid , converted to AVI then put thrugh Castrator and finaly Registax 6
  8. Went out in the garden last night for an hour as I had just done a 12 hour shif and was tired, so limited myself to a short session. One Question I would like to ask , is this the best results that I can expect from my Celestron 127 SLT and Canon 650D ? ( not that I am complaining at all ) it,s just that I see more detailed shots of Jupiter from others using the same scope , So I was wondering if I could get any more out of this set up or do I need a better Camera ?...Cheers all Pete
  9. Hi GUys , Had a go a "The Big Guy" tonight ....results were better than I had expected,,Even caught a Shadow on the disc (Ganymede?) data was from 30+ seconds of video from the Canon 650D and the 127SLT, fed this thru castrator and registax......Hope you like ...Cheers Pete Oh yeah and a close up of the Moon
  10. I had much the same problem until I went into manual mode and did some trial runs to find the best exposure, I finally got a decent image of Jupiter bt this was very small compared to the ones I have seen in tutorials on Youtube etc...and I could not get any detail out through registax only the two eqatorial bands and even these look very un-natural , Keep trying I must, Not sure if or how I can make the image bigger in Registax so that I can get more than 1 align point ont the image ???
  11. I shoot in RAW so the file size is usually about 22MB,,,but after processing in Photoshop , and depending on how you save your file (I save as Jpeg) the finished file you see on here could be anything between 400KB - 2MB or more
  12. This was one of a dozen or so single shots , Tried various ISO,s and exposure times , If we get another clear night this year I will try down the "Fast end" on the ISO 100 or 200 see how it works out. This was fed thru Photoshop CS6 just to tidy it up a bit ( Nothing too drastic) just a bit of clarity and Contrast enhancement
  13. First time out with the Celestron 127SLT Mak tonight, Quite impressed with the results for a first attempt Canon 650D attached 1/640 sec at ISO1600
  14. Just a reminder ,,,in case any were needed
  15. Hi again Have you ever looked up and thought " I wonder what that is ?" ...well wonder NO more ,,this should help you no end
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