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  1. Have a look at "Celestron skyportal" on IOS, powered by sky safari, loads of options and it's free. One of the few apps to offer a today's best section which is useful
  2. Goisswatch on ipad is a handy and free app, graphically shows you where the iss is, you can fast forward, and even set alerts for the next flyover. Also on android, presume same?
  3. Have you considered a golf trolley if you want something with wheels, my dob fits on mine, would add some foam and straps even for a short journey. And would probably fudge some foam around the wheels to smooth the ride. Cheap too if you can find one in someone's garage. For a bag, suggest the made to measure route, if you can drive a sewing machine then great or visit your local dress making shop, I know the lass at our local one would have a go. (I did have a look at my 65 litre rucksack, it's wide enough to get the tube in, albeit probably awkward, and it's a foot short so no go)
  4. Hey, I took the plunge and had a go last night. Drilled a hole in the focuser dust cover to make a collimation cap. Got the Spider within a fraction of a mil. Got the secondary centred in the focuser but then couldn't get the primary mirror clips straight without moving back down the tube a little. The three Allen bolts didn't have as big as movement impact as I expected, so had to move it on the centre screw. Primary was a little adrift but got the dots to match up using the cheshire, although crosshairs still a little off the dot. All in all, not as much to worry about as I first thought. At least I didn't make it any worse and having had a quick look at the moon an hour ago, I think it's an improvement on where it was, but then clouds moved in so no chance to do a star test yet, maybe later. The second time will be easier and I hope I can get it closer, will have another crack when I have a couple of spare hours. One question though, the dots match up, but the cross hairs of the cheshire not on the dots, is that a secondary issue? Ta
  5. Thanks guys, Will probably have a crack at it next weekend, I'm reasonably comfortable with the theory so should be ok. My main query was to do with the movement of the cheshire in the focuser, is such slop normal? I've read it's a major issue with lasers, but didn't think it was a problem with cheshires?
  6. Hi guys, Got my long cheshire this morning, from that well known auction site, was second hand and looks like it was originally from joy's optics on the same site. Have followed the astro baby guide, but before I start messing with it, wanted to double check a few things; (working on the principle if it ain't broke, don't fix it) 1. There is a lot of slop when it's in the focuser, so much so that the dots and crosshairs can be lined up, or quite a way off depending which way I move it. If I tighten the lower screw first then the second, it appears to be fairly close, I guess if I do the same order with the eyepieces it should be ok. Or, should I put some tape on the cheshire to make it fit, as I have seen suggested on here? But wouldn't I have to do the same on the eyepieces, so not keen. 2. I measured the spiders to check the secondary is centred, and it's 1mm adrift on one axis, do you consider that close enough? 3. Checking the secondary is centred in the focuser, again the slop makes a difference, as does moving my eye across the hole. 4. I can't see the mirror clips in this cheshire so will drill a cap assuming I have a small enough drill bit? I was expecting a bit of slop as I've noticed it on the eyepiece, but didn't realise it makes such a difference to whether things are lined up or not. It looks like the secondary needs moving up the tube a little, but everything else ok? Have attached the view below, any advice would be most welcome. Was hoping to get across to sgl9 but sadly too much to do today. Many thanks in advance Mark
  7. Hi mitchelin, The foam is pre-cut in vertical columns about 1cm square, with a solid uncut border that sits against the side of the case, there is not an additional piece of foam to form a base, so you just to cut each one off to the depth you need. I presume the best way is to pull the entire column out, cut it and push it back in to form the bottom for each gap. I've not figured out whether I put the eyepieces horizontal or vertical yet, probably the latter, but it's going to look fairly empty for quite a while. Cheers
  8. Oops, sorry, pasted wrong link, the one above was for the small, it's the large one on sale, see below http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/flight-case-with-foam-n70ap
  9. Guys, just popped into maplins for a few bits and walked out with a flight case as well, was £35, on sale for £25. Full of foam (pre-cut in little blocks) that should hold the eyepieces nicely, outside looks good, with a shoulder strap, it is lockable but suspect the lock wouldn't survive a screwdriver?? Not likely to be out of sight anyway. See link below; http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/small-flight-case-with-foam-interior-n50fu It's large, so guess I'll have to buy some more things to fill it, he he. Cheers
  10. I've got a skyliner 200p dobsonian by the way. Will be nice when I can edit my signature, only 3 posts to go!
  11. Hi guys, I'm in the market for a cheshire, it seems to be the preferred route over a laser on here, does more, more accurate and doesn't need batteries. I think collimation is ok at the mo, but want to check, and I'll need one at some point. Have read Astro baby notes and others, I think I understand but won't really know until I get my grubby mits on one! *** What is the benefit of having the 45 degree 'silver' cut out on it? I think it allows the light in easier but not 100%? *** And, some have the cross hair etched into it, what does that do? Was looking at the AC656 from astro engineering but none of their stockists have one? And they have not responded to my email. Cheers
  12. Cheers guys, thanks for the help and advice. Hope to put it into practice in the next session, but afraid that could be a while away looking at the weather forecast.
  13. Thanks Langy, photo is really useful, pretty sure I was in the right area and was probably looking right at them, will have another crack if clear tonight. I do find once I've seen something, it's so much easier to find it next time around as you know what you are looking for, been back to andromeda a few times, but too low now as behind neighbours house.
  14. Hi Dan, Just have the standard finder scope at the mo, the scope does have a setting circle, and I have a wixey but not tried them to any great degree yet. I enjoy the star hopping aspect, and obviously making life harder??? Have looked at a telrad but holding back at any shopping for a while until I figured out what I really want/need. As I said I do have Turn left at orion, and also have quite a few of the free apps on my ipad, pocket universe tends to be the favourite at the mo.

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