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  1. I have bought an AstroEQ controller from Tom, and now it is up and running. I even had some good results from a primitive guiding setup with EQ5 + SW-200PDS, Microsoft Lifecam HD + 9x50 viewfinder as guiding scope and PHD2. I am really happy with it and how it greatly improves the pleasure of getting the correct target over manual control. Tom was also very helpful in replying my questions through PM. Another satisfied customer! Some photos and a video to show my setup of AstroEQ http://rigellim.blogspot.nl/2014/07/goto-control-on-eq5-with-astroeq.html
  2. Then I will have to discard this whole batch of light subs and recapture again with flats next time.
  3. I just prepared some flat frames, and indeed the vignetting disappear, but not completely though. Maybe I have to prepare more flats? Also, I don't really know the exact orientation of the camera on the telescope, I fear that the flats that I prepared are not accurate enough...
  4. Hi all, I found that when I stretch the histogram of my deep sky images, I found that the background always has a distinct pattern. The pattern is such that centre portion of the background is brighter, while there is a darker circular shape exactly at the centre of the frame. Is that caused by my secondary mirror? Or something to do with my sensor?? I am using 200PDS with Nikon D90. This Leo Triplet is an example, 50 subs, 30", ISO 3200 Sorry about the photo, I can't resize it to a smaller frame.
  5. Most of the time, the moon shots are yellowish grey. Recently, I found that some lunar images are enhanced with colors. Are these colors really represent the true color of the moon, or just a post-processing trick to boost saturation??
  6. Yeah, maybe wavelets are a bit overdone. Jupiter is already very bright in my preview, I have put the exposure to minimum!
  7. The sky was exceptionally clear the other day, so I tried to capture video in 640x480 resolution, zoom = 10 in SharpCap. The Great Red Spot is conveniently visible that night. Using cropped video indeed reducing the video file size from about 10 GBytes (4000 frames) to only 3GBytes. But somehow, the fps of 640x480 video reduced from 30fps to 20 fps. Maybe SharpCap or the webcam has to do some internal postprocessing to crop the video?
  8. I did a quick test while waiting for the sky to get dark, indeed, in SharpCap, changing resolution alone only performs binning on the frame. But there is a zoom slider on the sidebar as well, if I slide to the max value (10), lower resolution frame will be like being cropped from the full resolution. With this function, indeed I will be able to capture smaller region of interest and reduce the video size a lot! Thanks!
  9. I found a zoom function in SharpCap, but have not tried it yet, maybe I could use that.
  10. I am using SharpCap, and changing video size actually involves binning pixels as you mentioned. Maybe I can check out firecapture to see if it supports cropped video function.
  11. Using lower resolution will decrease final resolution of the image, right? Or I am missing something? The video files are indeed large, but I managed still to capture the frames with 30fps with max resolution.
  12. Last week, I just bought a used Microsoft LiveCam Cinema and moded it using instructions from Gary Honis. After a few tries, this are what I get from it yesterday. The very first step to planetary imaging. I don't have my Barlow with me yet. Now the webcam is placed prime focus on my SW 200PDS. Both shots were taken using SharpCap at 1280x720, 30 fps, 50% best frames out of 6000 frames. Stacked with AS!2, and post-processed in PS. Tried to use Registax to bring out the details, but failed to do so, just using smart sharpening filter in PS. Do you think I still can pull more details out in p
  13. I just tried the beta release version, it is still not really stable yet. It can't even detects my camera. Maybe have to wait longer. Just modded a LIfecam yesterday, as an alternative for the time being.
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