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  1. I'm loving all these ideas, making a shopping list now! Now do I get the 200p or the 250px?!!! Steve.
  2. Thanks for the replies and advice, can't wait to get it now! Steve
  3. Hi everyone I'm looking to move from my Meade etx-80 and buy a Skywatcher 200p dob. I'm just wondering for those who have used one, how comfortable do you find using it? My Meade is on a tripod and looking though the EP is easy but the dobs looks lower so I'd imagine a lot of bending down and back ache! I know I should get out there and find one to look through, My local shop, Sussex astronomy centre didn't have any on display so maybe I should go along to a club with the hope someone will have one for me to try. Thanks for the advice Steve
  4. Meade ETX-80, Celestron Skymaster 15 x 70mm binocluars , Canon 550d DSLR

  5. Thanks everyone for the welcome, I'll look forward to reading your posts and chatting more. Steve
  6. Hi everyone My name is Steve and just joined this evening, I've always been into astronomy but it's always been in the back ground. It seems that my interest gets stronger this time of the year, maybe to do with there being more interesting things to look at. I have a Meade ETX-80 telescope with which the Autostar has packed up and the internal Barlow lense flip mechanism has jammed. I'm saving up for a scope at the moment and looking to get either the Skywatcher Skyliner 200p or the 250px. I'll probably ask for advice later on on those scopes but for now, just wanted to say hi Steve
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