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  1. To me they look fantastic after seeing my photos of the andromeda galaxy that i tried a few weeks ago.... its a steep and expensive learning curve and im still at the bottom of both.
  2. I paid 274 for mine , so without looking into the details I'd say it was , but as always with eBay be very carefully and fully read what's for sale , make sure it includes all the bits and bobs that should be there...
  3. maybe the 5mm or 7mm for planetary and if you wanted all of orion then maybe use your finder scope? im still a novice myself and am sure others will have better advice..
  4. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-eyepieces/celestron-x-cel-lx-eyepiece.html these come highly reccomended , hope it helps.
  5. No apologies needed... i understood your post, but the only problem is ive not had a moonless clear sky yet since ive had the scope so im actually looking forward to an oppertunity to see it in all 25mm of its dark sky glory..
  6. im hoping to get better shots when there no moon to be honest, im still saving for a better tripod so can only get 3 sec exposures at the mo, its a learning curve and different that what i normally capture but im loving it
  7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/117550446@N08/12507953774/ Taken tonight, i know there not much good, but taken on a static tripod with 300mm lens set to 3.5 sec exposure....
  8. <iframe src="https://www.flickr.com/photos/117550446@N08/12507571073/player/5aec387403" height="333" width="500" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. Thankyou for the responses, They made some very good reading and ive enjoyed every minute of this hobby so far, still amazes me that i was lookin at an image created over 2 million years ago... ~Thanks Guys...
  10. Thankyou for the replies, i actually feel a bit chuffed to of seen it, i tried on my old scope a few times but never ever saw it, but i got a funny feeling it was something to do with pointing the scope in completely the wrong direction ... lol Guess i got Stellarium to thank for tonight`s success ..
  11. Hi , after spending a couple of hours outside with some clear sky and stellarium I found Jupiter looking good through the new scope , had a browse round the moon then had a go for Andromeda , I understand a moonlight sky isn't the best conditions but several times I came across a blurred lump of silver/grey light in the rough location of Andromeda , was this indeed the galaxy or isn't it visible in a moonlight sky ?? Thankyou for any answers received
  12. Having done a small amount of research over the issue, as im also looking for new/additional EP`s ive decided the Celestron x-cel is the best option available to my budget.
  13. Am a newbie myself but i reckon the Skyliner 8" has the most light gathering abilities , so the more power so to speak.. hope that helps, but im sure some ppl on here will have better advice .
  14. I ended up buying the 300mm f-4 in the end , was twice my budget but it been worth every penny....
  15. Hi Darren , I've had experience with the 120 -400 and my advice would be to stay clear, OK, I wasn't trying for moon shots or anything but was using one for plane photography but the Image quality was terrible . could be a different story with moon shots though ??
  16. Would love to hear the feedback ... Good luck with tonight .
  17. Fantastic... its just the sort of thread i was looking for as i have just purchased a skyliner 200p and looking at Jupiter last night i decided that i need a better ep than the stock 10mm .
  18. Thanks for the help, ive now purchased a "skywatch skyliner 200p" all i need now is a clear sky Just out of curiousity, withouit trawling through the many topics on here, is it worth buying a new eyepiece kit for it or are the two that are supplied good enough ? any advice will be greatly appreciated, Thankyou
  19. Ohmsie

    Hi From Cheshire

    Thankyou for the warm friendly welcome everyone...
  20. yes, i do agree with you and its definatly one of the options i am considering..... having alredy tried a few photos of Jupiter and the Orion Nebula, using my 300mm im restricted to about 3-4 second exposure before i get star trails, goin the other way for wide angle im up to 10 + seconds exposure but lacking details... also another factor which is also in consideration is the visual side of things that i enjoy with the scope and the fact that my father also has an interest and would like to see the stars.. But thankyou for the response . Bazz
  21. Thats fantastic advice... Thankyou for the time to help Bazz
  22. Basically, the mount comes with the Telescope that i have seen which falls within my budget, but really im open to suggestion as im still really a learner in this field ? Bazz
  23. Thanks for the Reply.... Firstly i want to use it for visual astronomy, moving onto astro photography, im already a keen photographer and have some camera gear , my current setup is a Bresser Skylux 700mm with a wobbly mount, hence the need to upgrade, after getting limited use with this equipment i know i have enjoyed what ive seen but now want better optics and steady mount.. Bazz
  24. Im looking to upgrade my current setup (which is poor at best) with a Skywatcher Explorer 200p + Eq5 mount kit, seen it for about £400. Would this be a good setup to buy ? im new to Astronomy so not really sure which is the best things to buy yet for my £400 - 450 budget, Any help or advice would be appreciated, .Thankyou Bazz.
  25. Ohmsie

    Hi From Cheshire

    Hello , my name is Bazz and i live in Cheshire, a tiny village near Crewe called Bridgemere, After purchasing my first telescope a few months ago i can honestly say im getting into the hobby, i didnt pay much for it and it has a wobbly mount... am looking at other telescopes now around the £400 mark, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Hope i can eventually become an active member of this Forum, Good to be here..
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