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  1. I decided to walk away. I had to be honest with myself and if I got myself into a frustrating situation with the mount and everything, it could have pushed me away from astronomy all together. Thanks for all your support guys, when I do decide to buy something I'm glad I have such a fantastic support group to help me along.
  2. Should I tell the guy to forget fixing it, pack it up and I'll handle the rest for the original $150?. I have dealer access to Celestron parts at work. (JUST REALIZED THIS!)
  3. UPDATE 02/14: The seller completed a "drive swap" and determined that the dec drive assembly needed replacing, quoting me $165. He's going to fix it and then allow me first crack at it with an "adjusted price" Don't really know what that means but all things considered what should I be offering him for this mount based on its "history?"
  4. Thanks for all your excellent advice, it sounds like I might have inadvertently troubleshooted the problem for him and now it seems like he's more interested in fixing it himself, he might turn around and try to get twice his asking price which would be really shady of him, but he might turn around and say "well I put this much money into fixing it, can we maybe meet halfway" and I'd be down with that. I'll post an update in a little bit with how I made out. Thanks again, you guys are awesome!
  5. Yea I was under the impression that he wasn't tech savvy to begin with but these repairs make me think he knows he is sitting on a lemon and he wants to move it.
  6. Update: The seller has indicated that he has "also recently installed an optional polar alignment telescope, a new main computer, and a brand-new right ascension motor assembly." Is the replacement of these parts a good thing or a sign of bigger problems?
  7. To give financial context, he's selling it for $150. I think it's worth the risk even if I end up parting it out.
  8. So I'm looking at an ad for a used Celestron CG-5 AS-GT computerized mount and the price is VERY good, but I'm just concerned that it's for a problem that will put me down a tough road. The ad indicates that the price is so low due to: "an error code that says the hand controller has lost communication with one of the drives on the mount. I think it is the declination axis, because the mount slews non-stop in declination when I try to do a polar alignment." My question is will this mount be a money pit? I am tech savvy and I have a fair grasp of electronics but are these mounts generally servi
  9. VERY interested in your AVX w/6" Newt experiences, hoping to buy the same combo in the next few months.
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