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  1. I purchased 2 50mm M8 knobs and a length of high tensile 12.9 grade M8 threaded stud to replace the (so called) metal adjustment bolts fitted. Just cutting the stud to length proved difficult it was that tough. They work a treat and all for less than a tenner
  2. Hello and welcome from a fellow noob. Its a small world I am also from Rotherham. Is it the swinton astronomical society you are a member of? John
  3. Had my first night out with the skywatcher 200p and eq5 after picking it up on Saturday. It is a great leap forward from my star travel 80 and rickety camera tripod. My first views were the moon and Jupiter followed by ago at imaging M42. I could only manage 40 sec exposures before star trailing occurs. It was the first time I've ever used and attempted to align an Eq mount so I think my alignment could of been off . let the steep learning curve commence
  4. I've just collected my eBay winnings today. A skywatcher 200p and Eq5 but unfortunately the weather has not been as friendly to me as it has to you. I'm itching to use it and grab some snaps
  5. Welcome from a fellow newbee
  6. Cheers dROU. I'm sure another will be on closer to you. I've bidded on 3 different 200p's on ebay in the last 2 weeks. That 1 was only 20 minutes away from me so I bid a bit extra to save on fuel. Hope you find one and I will let you know how I get on (pick it up Saturday)
  7. My dad has just had similar issues with his handset. He tried everything you have aswell as trying different cables .the bloke at the local astronomy shop tried it on his mounts too but no joy. He had to buy a new handset, I think it was 140 quid
  8. I've just won a explorer 200p and motorized Eq5 on ebay. I can't wait to pick it up and use it
  9. Dark Sky


    Hello, from a fellow newbey
  10. Dark Sky

    hello all

    Well I'm bidding on a explorer 200p and motorized Eq5 on eBay at the minute so I hope to post some reports soon, if I win that is. I've only photographed Jupiter, the moon and the orion nebula so far but I'm setting myself a goal of seeing the supernova in m82.
  11. Dark Sky

    hello all

    Im new to the forum. My intrest in astronomy started last year when my dad purchased a telescope (skywatcher 80ed pro +eq5 goto). Since then I got my first telescope this Christmas (skywatcher star travel 80) and have used it as much as is possible with the weather. I intend to upgrade to a bigger scope and eq mount soon to further my astro photography skills. This website has been a great fountain of knowledge and has helped me a great deal so ive signed up to say thankyou and hope in time I can return the favour
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