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  1. I've gone out during the day and retested the focus on an object roughly 700m away, and I must admit, I could get a pretty sharp picture. Not the greatest quality image but edges were reasonably sharp. I tweaked the focuser a little by loosening the 2 screws under the pinion slightly and that made for smoother less jerky focusing. I'll look into a Bahtinov mask to try get the best focus at night, and see how my images stack up then. Thanks for all the input guys, I've got a better grasp on focusing I think. Just have to practice more. Especially processing.
  2. I dare say you're right. It is a beginners scope after all.
  3. This is a stacked image of Saturn from the other night. Second time i used Registax and Sharp cap 2. Am i expecting too much with the equipment i have?
  4. I know I've never touched it with my fingers or anything else, but i did have bits of plastic swarf from modifying it show up on screen once i tested it. I used compressed air to blow it off, and that disappeared immediately. Other than compressed air, I don't think you're meant to clean it with any type of solvent or physically touch the sensor so i haven't. I have tried during the day to focus on a tree about 250 meters away, and I slowly turned the knob, let it stabilize and re tried, but could not get a sharp focus. It would focus to a certain point, then go out of focus as i kept turning the knob. Maybe i need more practise. I'll try to upload an image when i can.
  5. I get the best focus about 5-10 mm from the bottom of the focus tube. If I keep winding in past this point the image goes way out of focus again until I get to the end of the focusers travel.
  6. Hi all. I'm pretty new to all this, so need some advice as google didn't answer my questions (possibly asked wrong questions) I have a Saxon 1309 EQMS http://www.saxon.com.au/products/product-details.php?productid=10222 and also bought a Micsrosoft Lifecam HD-3000 http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-au/p/lifecam-hd-3000 which i modified with a webcam lens to telescope adapter, in order to try photograph the planets and moon. The problem i'm having is that i can not achieve a sharp focus. The object will come into focus as i wind in the focuser, but is by no means a sharp focus, and if i keep winding in it will go completely out of focus. So i am achieving a kind of focus before the focuser bottoms out, its just that the object is blurry still, maybe 70% focused. Any tips or advice would be appreciated as my images are coming out blurry.
  7. Where's the KABOOM? There was meant to be a earth-shattering KABOOM!
  8. I just did some reading on "averted vision". Very interesting and after reading it I realised that is how I managed to see M104. I'd find it's location but when I was looking dead centre where it should be I couldn't really make it out, but when I focused on the little group of stars to the right of it, it came up but VERY faint. Same as with the Magellic? clouds. Looking directly at where they should be I couldn't see them but looking off to the side a little trying to find them , they would faintly come up in almost what's my peripheral vision. I need to keep practicing this technique I think.
  9. As topic says, i thought i'd try to find other objects other than Jupiter and the Orion nebula, so i chose 2 objects to hunt. Nice warm night here in Melbourne, so i setup my mozzie coil, put on some track pants to make sure i don't get mauled and set up. I found M41 almost straight away, and this put me in good spirits. Time for the Sombrero galaxy. This took me a while to find, and when i did find it i was disappointed at how faint it was. BARELY visible. I double and triple checked that i was actually on target, and i decided to call it a night only just making it out in the eyepiece. Light pollution is quite bad here, to give you an idea, i had to bump the light pollution in Stellarium up to 8 to give me the sky i was seeing. Not sure if a darker site would yield better results, but all photos i have seen make it out to be fairly visible. BTW this is the scope i have http://www.saxon.com.au/products/product-details.php?productid=10222 and was using the standard 25mm eyepiece.
  10. Having got my first scope just after Christmas, this post is exactly what I needed to read. Was starting to get frustrated that all I can find is the moon, Jupiter and Orion's nebula. I really should study star charts and read more on beginners astronomy.
  11. Goes to show that you can still get great photos with minimum equipment.
  12. Hi all, I'm Tony. I've been interested in astronomy for as long as i can remember, but have only recently been able to afford to buy a decent beginners scope. Mid last year one of my kids started showing interest in space through school, so i decided to buy them a telescope for Christmas. Against my better judgment i bought a refractor from Toys'R'Us. Well the thing broke before we could get to use it, so i returned it and bit the bullet and bought a decent scope. Saxon 1309 EQMS to be exact. We've had a lot of cloudy nights here in Melbourne, so have had limited time on it. But we have seen the craters on the moon, jupiter and its moons, orions nebula, and the kids think its cool. I would like to go out to a dark site though, as the light pollution makes it hard to make things out. I hope to get better at finding stuff out there. Cheers.
  13. To be honest I've only recently bought a telescope. I first made the mistake of buying a scope from Toys'R'Us from my daughter for Christmas. Broke the first time I took it out and didn't really get to see much. Returned it a few days later and bought a Saxon 1309 EQMS. Seen Jupiter and it's moons, the moon, Orion's nebula and was blown away. My daughter loves it "wow, that's cool dad". I've only just started to get polar alignment and like I said I guesstimate where polar south is until I buy a proper compass. I'm open to any advice from the experts.
  14. Melbourne Australia here. We have no star to aim for. Just guesstimate. For me anyway.
  15. Chucknorris1975

    Webcam Images

    Taken with my Saxon 1309 EQMS and modified Lifecam HD-3000 webcam
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