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  1. I am aswell, I also would love a rolling roof - I keep asking my hubby to install one on his van - he keeps saying no. How selfish. I am so pleased your wife is coming also. More women the better I say. I still cannot see what the forecast is for that weekend - like you say fingers crossed. Once I have all the places allocated I will send you all a little email letting you know how many people are coming, postcodes etc. See you soon Nina
  2. Hi Terry, I am so pleased you can both come. I hope it is as good as last time. I have put you both on my definite list. I do not mind what time you come over. Last time it was about 3.00pm when the first person arrived. I will be around all day anyways so just get here when you can. Will some one lend you a tent? I hope you can get one. Speak soon Dt
  3. Hi both, Welcome to SGL, great poem, See you at the Star Party David Delilahtwinkle
  4. Hi Alan, Yes we have a little room which houses our tea,coffee etc for through the night. Actually you have just reminded me to buy a red light bulb for that room. It was a handy room to have last time but the bright light really messed up our dark eyes. I will be able to buy red bulbs for a basic ceiling light won't i. Anyhoo - yes in said room we had a few electric points to charge equipment. Speak soon Dt
  5. Hi Alan, You are on the list. I am sure we could get you from the train station to Longtown, either myself or one of my family could come and collect you so don't worry about that. Hello Terry, we are in Longtown, there are a couple of bed & breakfast in Longtown, I suppose you could stay in one of them. What is it about camping you do not like? We will all help putting up/bringing down your tent, if you have one. Everyone camped out at the 1st party, It did get a bit cold though and I know that 1 person actually slept in his car. I am sure it will be a tad warmer this time though. Hi Herakles, yes a could of people done that last time, but they ended up going home at about 3.00am Sun as they were having such a good time. We had already brought their tents down earlier in the day and they were pretty much packed already just their scope to put away. Just thought I would let you know. Can't wait to see you all, Hoping for clear skies again Dt
  6. I am so pleased you can make it Wackyscot, we all had such a great time at the 1st party. To everyone - I am slightly worried about the weather, and was thinking, the open shed to the right of our pitch is about 16ft high North facing. Just say it was raining loads, could scopes be brought into there so we could still view?? Moving scopes should be ok, it is the setting up afterwards that is the problem, isn't it? Speak soon Dt
  7. Slew to Bootes - Excellent. Gosh Tom, you have a bad side
  8. Hiya guys its Val here, Im just over at Ninas with my new scope i was really excited to see it together. Nina has showed me how to put it together. Nina thought it would be a good idea to look it up on the internet to find any reviews. While putting it up we were saying how good it looked, Nina was quite jealous, I was so smug. Till we read the reviews - To my disbelief it's only from ALDI - How can I show my face at a Star Party with this, me with my £20.00 telescope from ALDI. I don't want it now, me and Nina have been crying with laughter. I was well ripped I might bring it to the party just for a laugh. Thankyou for all the lovely comments on this and the last thread. Look forward to seeing you all at the next party. God knows what I will turn up with. The hunt for a telescope is back on. There will be one out there for me somewhere. Love Val Xxxxxxxxxx
  9. Thanks for the kind comments Guy, Val and I were so worried the run up to the Party, I think on the Saturday when people were arriving we were still a tad on edge, but didn't it all go really well. This time I just cannot wait, I am so looking forward to seeing you all again and to see the views from all the other telescopes was a real treat. Especially for me with my little 130p. More good news - Val did not buy the telescope mentioned earlier. Will keep you posted on what she is getting up to on the telescope purchase. I dare say there will be more advice needed, Sorry to trouble you all with it but she asks me and well I just don't know a good buy either bit like the blind leading the blind Let us stick to organising parties - thats what I say Thanks everyone. Dt
  10. Great stuff, I hope you can make it, Speak soon Dt
  11. Hi Veracocha, Our last party was so good, it was really social everyone mixed really well. We were all looking through each others scopes and the chat was really good. I think this was due to the size of the party. I would love to create that feel again, to do this I think I will limit places to about 20ish max. Really we have no problem with space at all we could hold a lot more than 20 so space is not an issue but it would maybe compromise the "feel" of the party. I do not need to know too soon, but to keep the party small I was going to do a 1st come 1st serve basis - the downside is maybe people will say yes then not turn up. I don't know how to overcome that. I am sure you would have a great time. Have you looked at the posts about the last one? Dt
  12. Cheers Steve, I will let her know your thoughts. I was not sure about it at all. Will go and get in touch with her now. Nina
  13. Hi Folks, Just a little query here for a bit of your knowledge, Val has asked me to bid on this for her on Ebay what do you think of it. I ain't got a clue. Tasco Luminova 114mm reflector Telescope & Tripod item number 200605195547 Speak soon Dt
  14. Good Good, Can't wait, Disaster:eek:, Positive thinking:) All will be good. Speak soon Dt
  15. Hi Everyone, I have had a couple of requests to hold another Star Party. The last one was a huge success, thanks again to everyone for a great weekend. The Star Party will be held 28th & 29th May Sat/Sun. Exactly the same as last time £15.00pp for both nights or £8.00pp per night. £2.00 for a bacon sandwich and a coffee in the morning. Plenty of room to park cars, a point to charge equipment, great horizons and hopefully clear skies again. There have been a lot of posts about the last one - you could have a little look before you decide. If you feel you would like to join us just pop a little post on this thread or PM me. Speak soon Dt
  16. Hi Everyone, I would just like to say how pleased I am with all the fabulous reports. We must all do it again sometime. Val and I had a cracking time with you all. Just let me if you think a good time is on the horizon and we can all meet up again. I forgot to thank both the Rob's for fixing my finder and for the beer. Thanks to you both. Speak soon Nina
  17. Why oh why has it taken me a year to have the courage to hold this Star Party. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect such a good weekend. I also like Coco felt so comfortable with everyone right from the start. What a great crowd of people you all are. The sights I have seen this weekend through everyone's equipment has blown me away and too be honest just to see it all being used was great for me. Thank you so much Tom, Steve, John and Kat for all your help with my scope, I probably in total took up a good couple of hours of your weekend, I apologise for this, but promise it is not all in vain, I am sure you will see a difference in my viewing by the time Kielder comes round. I hope all the imaging people have been successful. I cannot wait to see the final result once you have worked your ever so talented magic. This one is to everyone, Thank you for letting Val and I take a good long peek through your scopes, the views were tremendous and most objects were a 1st for Val and I. John, thanks for the battery I will replace it for you at Kielder. Rob and Mike thanks for coming, I know it will take its toll on you both - full of admiration. Letting me waltz through the sky at 4.00am with your 15" Obsession was a real treat. I am sorry if I have missed anyone out - my brain is a bit baffled - Val and I have just taken my tent down - You will all be pleased to hear I have just been given a 2 man tent off my brother for next time. Whoop Whoop. This party must must happen again. I think you are all fantastic. Thank you again - ever grateful. Nina.
  18. Never mind - If it is a success there will be a 2nd. I know, clear skies both nights. How lucky. Yipee. Dt
  19. I am now a member of the Cumbria Group. Thanks Dreamsphere for the link and the info. Dt
  20. Great Stuff Coco - Hello everyone, I'm so excited. Camping gear - check, telescope - check, Enthusiasm for camping - check, Love of the skies - check. Seems like we are all Good to Go. Whoop Whoop.
  21. Hi Melibum, we are not far from Grange over Sands, I think it is about 60 miles or so. I will PM you my address. I think it is goint to be a good one - the weather looks like it is going to be good for us - Clear Skies.
  22. Hi Folks, I am going to PM you all with my contact details. Looking forward to the weekend. Thankyou so much for joing the party. I am so pleased we are Good to Go. See you all Saturday. I have had 9 definate "bookings". I just heard on the local weather that our area of Cumbria could miss the bulk of the wind. SpookyKatt I am so pleased you can come. Astoimpulse I hope you can make it, I think we have picked a really good weekend weather wise. LongJohn54 you have had fun havn't you, now I have read you post I am going to dig out my camping gear, I love camping, can't wait till the weekend. Robbieince don't worry what time you get here, I will be here all day. Tom Jeepers, a beer as in singular not plural. Steve I have 9 definate bookings and another 7 still have not got back to me yet but have shown interest I will PM them also. Speak to you all soon DT
  23. Howdy Campers, I hope you all do not mind but I am going to start a new thread as we have date and location organised. The thread is going to have a I am pretty much 100% in feel to it. Then if you are pretty much 100% in you can add a post that way I can then send you a little attachment with address details, breakfast booking etc. I hope this does not confuse things. I was going to send you all a PM but I felt it could come across a tad intrusive. Can I just quickly say how pleased I am that this is going ahead. I hope my skies are ok for you all. I am going to put little packs together so you all have an idea of what Cumbria has to offer to you through the day. Would we all like to do a little quiz in the evening? Speak to you all soon, DelilahT
  24. Hi Rob, I am sure all would be good for your campervan. There is quite a lot of hard standing should you be worried at all. I was actually worried that the ground in the field may be a tad too hard for camping. The drainage is quite good, you could park at the top of a slight slope - hey you would be even closer to the stars. If the worst case scenario happens (which I really don't think it will) my Son has a HGV that could pull you out. I do not think many people are imaging - I think people want to see what it is like here first. Speak soon DelilahT
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