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  1. Hello everyone, Hiya Steve, So pleased James can make it also, geat stuff. Chicken Madras - Yum Yum. Are you sure you do not mind. If we got numbers of who would like to chip in for food and a little list put together, I could go in the morning and get us all stocked up. That would save us a bit of time wouldn't it. What do you all think? We could do the jacket potato's again starting them off in the oven then bring them outside and pop them in Val's fire pit. So pleased you can make it John, with your new scope aswell. Whoop Whoop. Hi Adrian, Of course you can come on the Wednesday till Monday. No problem at all. It would be wrong you going back home when you would like to come over. Pleased you can make it. It will be a great weekend. Val is fine - she is really looking forward to seeing everyone again. Like Mike says the barn is our pub, but if you are thinking till the Star Party begins there is plenty of places around here for you to see. Speak to you all soon. Don't forget if anyone has any ideas for the party, please let me know Nina
  2. Hi everyone, So pleasaed you can all make it. Mike thanks for your offer of the chilli again, I am sure none of us would say no - it was absolutely gorgeous. I will second what Mike said about helping out with you tent Andy, we will have it done in no time. Of course you can bring your dog Robbie, absolutely no problem at all. Val and I will be at Kielder, Tom is going to collect us on his way past. We will be there lunchtime on the Saturday. Really looking forward to it. I hope the weather is good to us all. I thought I might have got out tonight it was such a clear day today but it is 100% cloud cover just now. Shame we cannot see the stars through the day. Speak to you all soon Nina Xx
  3. Excellent stuff guys, so pleased you can all make it. Val has just left and she is getting really excited already. She has been and bought a fire pit to go in the barn. Bless her. She is worried about us all geting cold. I think she is going to Mother us all, must be something to do with her hormones Speak to you all soon.
  4. Hello fellow Star Gazers, I have had a couple of pm's regarding our next meet so thought it time to start a thread. CSP4 will be held Nov 18th & 19th which is the Friday, Saturday. We are also carrying it over to the Sunday 20th should you want to stay longer. Like the other CSP's if you can only stay over one night fine and dandy. I am open to suggestions regarding food supplies. How did we all think it went when we all chipped in for food? Some one suggested that we could maybe all phone for a Chinese meal or pizza and perhaps buy some snicky-snacky-snoo's to keep us going through the night. I will be making the morning bacon butties and the tea coffee etc will be available 24/7. Dare I say that it will be a tad chilly in November, with this in mind we are going to use the little room opposite the toilet as a little warm room. We will also have our fire barrel for outside our barn. We have the fridge in the barn and I think I am going to get a couple of couches with loads of nice warm blankets - we are worth it. Any more suggestions about any aspect of the party please let me know. We can start arriving here any time on the Friday. If you need to come up earlier to set up you are more than welcome. Cost will be the same £10 per night per person for camping. £2.50 per morning bacon buttie. I hope I have not missed anything. Any questions please feel free to ask. Lets hope the skies are kind to us. I have the order in for clear skies already. I dare say when I post this thread, I will notice something I have missed so this post could be continued. Speak soon Nina
  5. Hello everyone, Hope you all have a great time. Val and I were hoping to get up to join you all but Val cannot get the Sunday off work. She is still trying though, we will know better tomorrow. If we do not get up I hope you have good clear skies. Enjoy Nina
  6. Hello everyone, Hope you all have a great time. Val and I were hoping to get up to join you all but Val cannot get the Sunday off work. She is still trying though, we will know better tomorrow. If we do not get up I hope you have good clear skies. Enjoy Nina
  7. Hiya Guy, We are doing the 18th, 19th, which is the Friday, Saturday but I think some are wanting to do the 20th also. How you doing? I will start a thread off tonight me thinks. Speak soon Nina
  8. I know Mike, it is bad isn't it. We feel quite guilty actually. We are putting all the blame on Val's unborn bambino. He was telling her he wanted to go home by lying awkwardly and making her really uncomfortable. I don't think she could do 2 nights camping. God knows how long we will last at Kielder :-) Plus we are both at work tomorrow Boo Hoo. We will make up for it once bambino aka Ethan is born, you will not be able to get rid of us.
  9. Vala and I are home safe and sound. Sorry we had to leave so early, we really enjoyed last night, shame we brought the clouds with us. What a lovely site, Great party. Have a great night tonight, wish we were there. Hopefully see you all at Kielder.
  10. Val and I are all ready to set off tomorrow. We can't wait to catch up with everyone and meet new friends. We will get there as soon as we can. Probably setting off late afternoon. Lets hope for clear skies. Nina
  11. Me too, I might have a browse for any news...speak soon
  12. Imagine how disappointed we would be if it was on the news tomorrow of the spectacular viesw at 03.15 and we had called it a day. I would be so kicking myself. I am even thinking about sitting in my greenhouse with a flask so I do not have to keep coming in and out the house :-)
  13. I am starting to think as soon as I turn my back it is going to whizz past. I would hate to miss it. I don't know what to do. I don't think there are any reports of it being down yet? I am scared to go to bed.... Curiosity killed the sleeping pattern...
  14. I have a feeling we will see it this time. The clouds are passing so we may as well keep looking out for it. I think I will take laptop outside and just stay there until the next one, I might even quickly make some coffee and toast :-)
  15. I did not see anything that time either. I seem to be getting quite cloudy now. Lets hope it has cleared for the 2oclock one. Heavens above is telling me I have not more sighting though. Boo Hoo... still going to give it a try.
  16. Hi folks, Longtown, 55.0070°N, 2.9620°W is my location. I am sure I have seen it. Roughly 00.11ish. I am a beginner so would it make sense if I said I was facing South but looking over to the West and when I looked back round there was something blurry but bright to my left, quite high up. I don't know how I did not notice it before though, it must have gone right over me without me seeing it. According to HA the next time will be 01.04, I will be back out, but it looks like clouds are coming in. Loving the thread Dt
  17. Hi, I am hoping to get out to you. I will get directions off internet. Should I bring BBQ and food? Looking forward to it Nina
  18. Hi Folks, What a great thread, really enjoyed reading. I think a poll would be good. I am going with Earth before it was Earth. I wonder if there was life pre collision ?? Dt
  19. Hiya, Terry and Jonathan, lovely to hear from you both. Hope you can make CSP 4. Love the picture on flickr John it is a cracker. Where are all your pictues Alan? A big hello to everyone else. See you all soon. Can you believe how many times our thread has been viewed. Unreal. Speak to you all soon. November seems so far away.. Boo Hoo. Nina
  20. Hi Sorry about the weather, I would love to attend this if it is rescheduled. I did not read any threads about it. If it is reschedued please let me know. Speak soon Nina
  21. I have just had a look also. Good sketch, Congratulations. How has that happened, that your dog is on the next line down. Isn't that just really freakish.... or is it just me. Slightly spooked...in a good way Nina
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