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  1. Many thanks for help. Don't suppose you know of anywhere that does second hand or ex show mounts
  2. Hi guys happy new year. My celestron 6se goto mount got knocked down and snapped in half.. I've seen a second hand se4 mount will it hold my scope and still work
  3. hi people , i have asked this b4 but i still cant get any image through my scope (celestron nexstar6) using my asi120mc. ive tried playing with the gamma,brightness and the exp but nothing happens at all. i try to focus on the house across the street but its just blank?? what am i doing wrong !!!!
  4. Thanks I didn't realize I had to align. Something else that I can't get right. But hay how
  5. Soz for being stupid. But is there no way the scope will move with the moon
  6. How to take a still with Celestine s6 and camera.. how does the tracking work. How do I get the scope to move with the moon
  7. i have a zwo camera but i just cant get a picture when i connect to my scope, its just a black screen, what am i doing wrong
  8. The virtual hand set lay out is different. Some of the buttons are not their or in a different place
  9. hi, can any 1 tell me why the virtual hand control is different to my hand control on my nexstar 6, i downloaded the softwear that came with my scope but the remote looks different, is it me or have i done something wrong
  10. i have seen a wifi connection for celestron scopes using i-phones and ipads , is there a wifi adapter to work my celestron se6 from my pc . i can plug my scope into my pc but that doesnt give full control of the scope and the wires are a pain. and is there a way of adding auto focusing to my scope
  11. hope u ppl can help me out,, ive been trying to look at the andromeda galaxy and all i can make out is a very very very slight white smudge, i have a celestron 6 goto scope with a 10mm to 20mm eyepiece. how can i get a better image or is my scope not good enough. wot is the best eyepiece for the job!! i also got myself a zwo asi122omc camera which was recommended but all i can see with that is the moon and planets which is the same as my £2.50 xbox cam , i was under the impression i could use the cam to view everything on the computer rather than me squinting through the scope. im really disapointed. many thanks daz
  12. when i look at the moon with my new zwo cam through my telescope i can only view a little bit at the time , it seems to be to big to magnified. but when i point it to a star you cant see it, like it hasnt got the power to view something so small, is their a way of sorting this out
  13. can i keep my orion6 in my shed ,, do i need to keep the shed at a certain tempreture. if it gets to hot or to cold will it damadge the scope
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