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  1. Well, got notification of Customs cost on the Dewbuster, £11.08 VAT and £8.00 for Parcelfarce. I regret keeping watch in the tracking; Posted Feb 27, 3 days in New Orleans, 3 days in Chicago, 7 days(!) in UK Customs. Hopefully delivered tomorrow. Now just need to get some Dew-Nots! Dean
  2. I 'helped' come up with this scale solution for my daughters school project, all scaled to the mm.
  3. Bob’s Knobs were the first thing I bought for my CPC925, but I’ve been putting off fitting them until I feel the collimation need. :-) Just the thought of going anywhere near the Secondary is giving me the heeby-jeebeez. D
  4. Welcome! Clear sky envy here. :-(
  5. DeanB


    Hello, and welcome!
  6. Should be receiving my Dewbuster soon, highly recommended, hand made and it has temperature sensors. US made too! Dean
  7. DeanB

    Hello !

    Welcome, and clear skies!
  8. I got out for what seemed like 5 minutes, but turned out to be two hours , still learning the ropes so went for a Sky Tour - shame I have so many tall trees and Central Birmingham Glow to contend with. Looking forward to settling in and getting the DSLR out. Probably just a few weeks to wait before the clouds clear again. Maybe I should get the chainsaw out while I wait... D
  9. MPEG Streamclip - great FREE converter for Mac and PC. Output and Input lots of formats. We use it in the Pro Video industry, rather than all these pay for ones that never do the job, and then need upgrading, and then need a new license, and then… http://www.squared5.com HTH D
  10. I got some of the visual train up and working - reducer and Baader zoom - (awaiting the last adapters from FLO for the diagonal) and got out last night for half hour before the clouds set in. Got my first view of M82 too. Did I really view the Supernova through averted vision!? Stunning - yes it was a grey wisp, but what a wisp! Got the diagonal on this morning, so looking forward to more gaps in the clouds. D
  11. I'd say spend it on something you're going to use now, like a really good EP. I'm in a similar newbie boat, and would simply love to get in to more of the AP side of things, but I realise I'd be wasting money until, A) The bug caught me good and proper. And I'd have more of an idea what I wanted to image (Planet/DSO etc) from Observing experience, and C) more experience with your scope, and it's capabilities. No doubt there'll be someone with vastly more experience in these sort of things to guide you more accurately. Just adding my few penneth I've learnt recently. D
  12. Birmingham's looking good! Shame I'm going out tonight :-( D
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