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  1. Hi everyone, I have a Skywatcher Explorer 130mm and it badly needs collimating. Can anyone suggest a good but inexpensive laser collimator? Thanks Jason
  2. Clouds, Clouds, rain, more clouds, a bit more rain and another cloud........ I seems like ages since I had a clear night!
  3. ...... apologies for the spelling mistakes, I think I need to buy a new keyboard with the money I saved with my first scope!
  4. I started off with a very similar scope from Jessops. I have to say that although it it was a bit shaky and gave pretty limited views, it provided me with some exciting nights of viewing. I had just got into astronomy so didn't want to spend loads of money on a hobby that could have lasted only a couple of weeks, but within a few moths I was hooked then took the leap to upgrade to something bigger!
  5. Thanks Steve, that's really helpful and I appreciate your advice. I'm sold!!!! Will be looking to get one of these in the next couple of weeks!!
  6. Hi Steve, I particularly need to know about the Dovetail bar. I don;t know what this is or how to attach it to my OTA. I currently have an EQ2 mount that has "O" rings, so I wondered how my existing OTA can be attached to this.
  7. Hi Steve, "You will need a dovetail bar, otherwise 'yes'" ..........can you tell me a little more about this please because i also have a Skywatcher Explorer 130pm and am very interested in this GoTo mount. Thanks
  8. I love these shows, I spend most of my time watching the discovery channel and got hooked on the NASA programmes..... (and mythbusters - but that's not very astronomical!)
  9. After spending many dark nights with a red light in my mouth (to give me two free hands) and straining to see my ever-so-confusing setting circles, it made me wonder if anyone makes a mount with illuminated setting circles.......either red, or at least glow in the dark??? Does anyone know of such a product or should I go on Dragon's Den???? lol:headbang:
  10. Hi Amanda, I was having similar problem with my mount but reading this whole thread has helped me too! If only things were easy, but I guess that's half the fun of learning!!
  11. Hi Amanda, Yes I was looking at M42 the other night but like you, the clouds rolled in! I was out last night looking at the moon and Saturn, both looked fantastic. I was also trying to look at the galaxies near to the Plough (as shown in this months Astronomy Now) however I couldn't find them. Not sure if the scope is too small for those or whether it was because the moon was shining so brightly, but I won't give up looking for them just yet!!!
  12. Ashenlight I've noticed you've got the same scope as me, the Skywatcher 130PM. Got mine a couple of months ago. Great scope! Haven't had enough clear nights to get alot of use though And I still haven't mastered the setting circles yet!
  13. Great question Ashenlight and one that I have been pondering about recently after reading the same magazines!
  14. Hi All, I recently bought myself a skywatcher explorer 130pm with an eq2 mount. I have since been amazed with seeing a goto mount in action and wondered if i can use one with my existing OTA. I've read something about dovetail or vixen plates that i may have to buy but to be honest i'm not sure what i should be looking to buy in order to help me convert to using a goto. Any suggestions and advice will be greatly received - Thanks!
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