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  1. Okay replaced the ferrite beads, still no go, looks like I lost the programming on the chip maybe
  2. Thanks for the input, wifi dongle was in and out when powered up a few times. My donor board has more ferrite beads, so will try your suggestion later.
  3. Well Malcolm, I putting the blame on you with your comment "nice easy fix". All was working fine until we tried to marry Asiair Pro to Synscan wifi adapter. On plugging in the "old" handheld it showed a message that it could not communicate with AR or AZ, making me think I have a new problem. Any thoughts
  4. Hi Malcolm and everyone else, So as an WISP, we have plenty of old circuit boards laying around from radios we have built or that failed. On Friday I went painstakingly through the junk and found a board with labels F1, F2, F3, F4 on it. Pulled out the soldering iron yesterday and pulled off one of those "f-ing things" and installed it on my broken motherboard. LAST NIGHT WE HAD OUR FIRST LIGHT ON OUR NEW-TO-US 16" DOBSONIAN. Saw fuzzy Andromeda, looked at the moon, Pleiades, etc. It was a long night, cloudy and all. NOW to spend the real money on eye-pieces. Thanks everyone.
  5. Thanks Malcolm, was a long read and interesting, most of which I had forgotten when I was re-qualifying myself as a computer tech in Canada. Yes it is an Orion 16in dobsonian which had just bought. Are you still repairing these boards, if I send you our broken one?
  6. Thanks for the quick answer, but they do not have the synta mc004 board in stock (I saw a 4month delivery timeline from Skywatcher. I am looking for the actual component at the L4 location on the motherboard
  7. Hi, Just "smoked" a component right off the Board (Don't know how). anyone know where I could get a replacement component or what it is Please?
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