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  1. I have decloaked the 3 maxvisions I own (16 and 20 68º and 24 82º) so my problem was not related to the twisting of the rubber eyecap. While using it, the nose piece of my 16 mm somehow unscrewed itself a little, so the lenses rattled. I tried to screw on the piece, but something inside went wrong so it was not possible. In fact one of the plano-convex lenses skewed and got stuck inside the eyepiece body, so it was impossible to square or extract it. I tried to heat the eyepiece body and finally could extract the lens, but with it, all the other lenses and spacers came out as well in a row. I was only sure about the position of the first (from the nose) lens and spacer. I have double checked now my other eyepieces, and the "noses" seem firmly attached. To prevent further accidents I have fixed the 16 mm thread with a drop of glue (DO NOT use cyanoacrilate glue for this, you risk to hopelessly fog your lens!) javier
  2. I have found this thread looking for help with a similar problem with a 16 mm maxvision. After several iterations, and with the help of the pictures, I think I know (more or less) the correct order. In my case, the two single lenses have a slightly different curvature, and the two spacers are also different. I am sorry I didn't take photos, but I am not brave enough to disassembly it again to show the process!. I will refer to the pictures taken by the original poster. 1.- First the nose lens, just as shown in the picture. 2.- Next the thin spacer, but not as in the picture above: the borderer side must be downwards (I am pretty sure of this one) 3.- Next, one plano-convex lens, with the plane side downwards. 4.- The other (thicker) spacer, again the side with the small border downwards (perhaps the opposite, not sure) 5.- The other plano-convex lens, with the plane side upwards. 6.- Finally the last lens spacer and the eye lens, as in the pictures. Try to keep the lens tower in equilibrium and carefully insert the eyepiece body and screw the nose (do not over tight, just enough to prevent the "rattle"). In the telescope, pointing to a distant building it showed a little field curvature (centre sharp and the border not so sharp). I just disassembled it again and swapped the positions of the plano-convex lenses (not the spacers!) and the field is sharp again from border to border. I am not 100% sure or this procedure, but the eyepiece seems to perform as before the disaster. I hope this can help someone. Javier
  3. Hello. I have collimated my DIY 8" f5.8 with a cap for years. I have recently bought a cheshire, and it makes a big different. A minimum error in the collimation and you will see it clearly. In fact, if I collimate with the tube vertical, it will not be perfectly collimated if tilted. I think this cannot be seen with a simple cap. Now I collimate the tube at 45º. To be honest, I have not seen a big difference at the eyepiece so probably a cap in enough for a relative slow tube. Regards Javier
  4. I have a vintage Meade MC 6 mm ortho eyepiece which is supposed to be good, but it is unusable for me for the very same reason: I can hardly see all the field by putting my eye ball almost inside the eyepiece, so I don't use it any more. The modern planetary eyepieces are much better in this regard (although perhaps not in sharpness, I don't know) Javier
  5. Thank you very much for the warm welcome Javier
  6. Nice work. I am planning something like this myself. Have you tried the heater in the field?. Best regards. Javier
  7. Hello. I have just registered, and think this is one of the best amateur astronomy forums out there. My name is Javier and I live in the spanish basque country, so no the typical spanish weather: lots of rain and clouds, not a lot different from GB. I have been reading this forum for a long time, and found a lot of useful information from its members, so thanks to all for this. I really think that people here are much friendly and helpful than in some equivalent spanish forums (or english language forums, for that matter). I am a returned aficionado. I began in my early twenties, building a 8" f6 Newton (which I still own and enjoy) with a very good mirror, made by a quite famous catalonian amateur astronomer, recently passed away. Now I am 50 and my 14 years old son is an avid amateur astromer, so I have returned to the hobby. I have recently purchased a SW 127 mak to have a more portable scope, and a new full set of eyepieces to complete my vintage and lacking gear (one kellner a two orthos from the late 80's). Also a RACI 9x50 finder and a Telrad, which I love. I am now waiting for a BST 25 eyepiece, an UHC filter and a chesshire collimator from Sky's the Limit (I first read from that vendor in this forum, really good prices) Our favorite objets to observe are DSO, not very easy from our home, in a medium size city with lots of light!. We use to travel to a nearby dark sky spot, but there has to be no moon, weekend and no clouds, which means in average once in two months (last time was december 7). Congratulations again for this great forum. Best regards Javier
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