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  1. Joehay_yorkshire - many thanks for your useful advice, really appreciate it. Will keep that in mind for the future when I start imaging
  2. Joehay_yorkshire and Sammyb - Thankyou for your advice and input. I think what i'm going to do is get the 150p dob to get to grips with everything and then once I have done that I will upgrade to another scope when I want to start astro imaging no doubt I'll be asking for further advice then
  3. There was also another Skywatcher scope in the beginner's section which is mounted and there is the opportunity for Astro photography, this scope being the Skywatcher explorer 150p DS OTA. If it's worthwhile then will defo save up for it. Thoughts on this?
  4. Just had a look at the 150p dob and it certainly does look like the way to go! Just wondering, as it is not a mounted scope would this have limitations in viewing outside? Or would it simply be a matter of putting it on a table? What would be the best way to get around this issue?
  5. Sammyb - Thank you for your advice, there will be some observing opportunities at a site through my local Astro soc so there will be the chance for me to be able to transport it to a dark site, however this won't be on a regular basis. I unfortunately don't have a car and my main observing time will be from my garden. I think the chairman of the soc did mention that there would be scopes to try out through them. Okay, I will check out the first light optics link Funny you should mention the 150p as one of my friends who is also into Astronomy had the exact same scope so it sounds like a good option. I appreciate your advice, thankyou. Rory - Thankyou for your advice aswell, this is definitely helping me in the right direction. I'm glad that I aired on the side of caution with the Celestron scope, will definitely look into your suggestions
  6. Hi Sammyb, thankyou for the welcome. Probably on or around the £200, if there was a more preferable 1st time telescope then I would save up
  7. I'm fairly new to Astronomy and stargazing, I have recently joined an Astronomy society within my local area. It was suggested to me that the Celestron AstroMaster LT 76AZ would be a good option for my first telescope. Just wanted to get people's feedback on this suggestion and whether it would be a worthwhile purchase. It would be greatly appreciated if I could get some opinions of this telescope and also if there would be a better choice for myself. Many thanks
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