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  1. Ascom finds port after three days of torture, Stellarium, PHD, and Nina finally working together. Wife not interested so just a solo victory dance. Maybe I'll take my first astro-photo yet!

  2. I'm inexperienced in this hobby so not sure if there is a shop capable of replacing the damaged part. The crack, from what i can make out appears to be through a piece of alloy that has been cast in a mould. There are alloy wheel welding specialists that are capable of welding the crack but that may require some disassembly by yourself to remove the mirror, and also possibly remove the ring from the tube, i imagine that it is riveted with 3.2mm pop rivets which are easy to drill out. With the mirror removed you should have good access to the inside of the dent to hammer it out while holding a
  3. <private contact details removed>

    Do you happen to have any good advice on how to make the Losmandy clamps fit a dovetail clamp without taking a band saw to them or spending a fortune on an adapter? 

    1. Cornelius Varley

      Cornelius Varley

      Please use the private messaging service to exchange contact details.

  4. Unfortunately that is over my budget. The mount I have is a side by side plate for a dovetail so the losmandy mounts wouldn't be needed. My budget is around £100, I should have mentioned that in the OP.
  5. That would be perfect, how much would you take for the scope, rings, and clamps?
  6. I recently purchased an imaging setup, less the guide scope. I'm looking for a Skywatcher ST80 or similar to pair with my Vixen VC200L.
  7. Any one know if this telescope is any good 

    Bresser AR-102/600 EQ-3 Refractor telescope
    1. 31ymx4XPaFL._SY400_.jpg
    2. 41ZMTYIdYVL._SY400_.jpg
    3. 41Iz2iYCUgL._SY400_.jpg
    4. 41mmJy%2Bh0lL._SY400_.jpg
    5. 41ezTLKdoCL._SY400_.jpg
    6. 41LyceM894L._SY400_.jpg
    7. 41UcLIXBh9L._SY400_.jpg



    1. Cornelius Varley

      Cornelius Varley


      It might be better to start a proper thread in the correct forum section rather than posting a status update on someone else's profile page (someone who has made one post and has not visited the forum since \January 2014). That way you will get more answers to your questions.

      SGL mods team

  8. I bought a 8'' Skywatcher Dobsonion a few months ago and didn't regret it. I have hunted down Andromeda and been in awe at the Orion Nebula....However. Unfortunately the Skywatcher is as portable as most wardrobes and because of this i can't take it with me when i move around on bussiness. I came across the Bresser on Amazon after winning a few hundred quid in a Poker game and started to think maybe, well, if i just, yes, no, get advice ! so my question is....would this be recommended as a good deal and a portable quality telescope to indulge in ???? http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00EPC5H
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