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  1. really?? thats like saying look at nasa's websites for pictures of the night sky objects.. you goto get your scope out and look yourself right? its about seeing it yourself while it is happening, i no the light takes time to get here but still it is happening, we are seeing it. I would love to look back at the earth
  2. so if we found a worm hole that folds space and got 500 light years away from earth within minutes, then we had a device that could see earth as good as a satalite orbiting earth. then we could see our great great great great great great great grand parents house? and maybe them farming or looking up at the stars thinking whats is our place here on earth?? man this guy who opened the thread has started a whole new world of thiinking for me!!!
  3. ok is there any local events or gatherings for star parties around the west midlands area. I wont mind finding and using a great place but when youre on youre own in the darkest place you can find, its not to good to be carrying expensive equipent around lol. cheers
  4. well i have got 28 days to take this tscope back, maybe i will use it untill then and see what i can get and maybe i can buy a better one once i have pushed this one to its limits lol. ok cheers damn i no what you mean whenever i use the barlow or the 4mm or even together you cant focus in... is there any telescopes that do what they say? what do you guys think of this ?? Celestron Powerseeker 127EQ. might try this as it is also covered by a 28 day return policy so i can take it back if its a bag of balls, its also within my price range. cheers guys
  5. my scope is 3" reflector so i guess i can achieve 150, i try my 4mm with the barlow but the focus is no good. what i dont get is i could use my 4mm and get 175 * or use a 12.5 mm with the barlow 3* to get 168. is it better to not use the barlow.. gosh i hate being nooby spose its the fun in learning thanks
  6. Hello guys im looking for a good place to view the skys in birmingham, my back garden is not usable and surrounded by lights... any suggestions thanks?
  7. A few people have said now that the max magnification is not so true. I have these pieces 20mm 12.5 4mm barlow lens What combination of these will give me the best magnification to see for example saturn? and which will give me the best to see star clusters etc. I dont want to be putting things together if its not as good as it should be. Apreciate the help guys
  8. ok thanks thats great im going to look at these as soon as the clouds move lol. Im going to try and take advantage of saturn while its closest to earth i think? I will let you guys no how i get on thanks
  9. ok i swapped my 20*70mm binos for 10*50mm and i have now purchased a telescope . I figured that my binos were to shaky in high magnification even with the tripod, so mayeswell buy a telescope and buy some average bird watching binos so now i can use both!! My telescope is 225*/525*/76mm reflector, any tips for my first telescope thanks
  10. o yes ive got that might buy a telescope tomorow!!!!!! lol
  11. aperture fever? I no when is jupiter going to be in view for us? cheers for the info guys
  12. since i got my binoculars there has been clouds and ive not had much chance to use them, somemites i get the sad feeling im wasting my time and wonder how you guys do it. yet coming back home about half 3 this morning there was a bright object in the sky and the rain had just cleared. I focused in with the binos and found there could be a ring around it, i worked out the degrees and checked it against stelarium and it was bang on saturn exactly what i thought. I got the binos in to the best focus and there it was my first view of saturn, it was beatiful the rings were nearly side on but now i no why you guys keep at it, damn these binos are great to start my astronomy with. just wanted to share this with you guys it was a great moment to see my first planet.
  13. i never thought a planet could be so shiny its like a bright star? cant wait for 7.15 tomorow fingers crossed for clear skies lol thanks
  14. I was coming home from work today and i noticed all the stars were slightly visible. However there was one realy bright star but it really stood out. I wrote down the degrees and time with my compass. When i looked stellarium and it leads me to beleive it is venus is this coeect does it appear that bright ?? thanks my notes were 260 degrees @ 7.15 gmt. not to far up into the sky but not to low either thanks
  15. cheers guys for the advice, My girlfriend is semi interested in astronomy so ive persuaded her to buy some cheaper binos and maybe i can use them in conuction with my lareger ones and then i will no where i am hopefully. Im getiing there lol thanks
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