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  1. Great, Thank you all. Will have a look on amazon
  2. Hello everyone, As I'm new to astronomy and still learning a lot about the stars, planets etc...also still trying to get the hang of my new telescope, I've read a book called " a little course in astronomy" which I enjoyed reading and learning so much it was done with in a few days would any one recommend any books, apps for phones etc? Thanks Jade
  3. Thank you all so much your advice has being great help. I'm going to do a bit more reading up before I finally decided which scope to get Thanks again
  4. Thank you, your comments and advice it's being a great help
  5. Thank you, I will Defo take a look at these. Your help is great. Thanks again
  6. I meant good idea to put a price not about the mirror lol, I'll be using at home and every now and than I may use it traveling and no I don't have a car
  7. Yeah probably a good idea lol, anything from £200
  8. Hi, I'm new to astronomy and looking to buy my first telescope...excited!! I'm always looking at sky, moon & stars and can't wait to see the planets. I'm looking for advice to what anybody thinks of the skywatcher explorer 130m? As I've not had a telescope before nor have I used a telescope before I'm really stuggling to understand what would be the best telescope for me. Something easy to use, be able to see planets and if I would need to buy extras to go with a telescope. Any advice would be so helpful and much appreciated Thanks Jade
  9. Hi all, I'm new to all this, I love looking at the moon, stars and want to see what else is out there. I haven't got a telescope but I'm looking to buy one. I could really use somebody's help with what would be the best telescope to buy. I'm thinking about getting the skywatcher exploer 130m? What's everybody think? Would I need to buy anything else to go with the telescope? And would this be a good telescope for looking at planets? Any help would be great. Thanks
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