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  1. I know there a bit pricey but I went with a Tracer Lithium polymer battery, its light and dont have to worry about over charging or running below certain levels. For me at least its been ideal I have the 10AH and its completely overkill for a single nights use for the mount alone I would say its 3 nights decent use (Celestron AVX).
  2. Glad to hear you have received yours Tony I ordered the ASI290MC on Tuesday maybe I missed the first wave.
  3. Do you know when you are expecting to start dispatching these yet?
  4. Think its a really nice image, some nice detail in it. Really sorry to hear about the equipment, hope it turns up or can be replaced if insured.
  5. Awesome images! I pre ordered the ASI290MC so even more excited too try it out when FLO dispatches them after seeing these!
  6. Thanks for all your help and resurrances Chris, much appericated. I got chance to try the camera last night and all worked perfectly so I am happy! Normally would try equipment before asking for help but im moving this week so was a bit parinoid I wouldnt have chance to test it within a reasonable time (if there had been an issue). As a side note think I have seen some of your results also on startools forums which have been fantasic!
  7. Thanks Chris, that all makes sense about the strech, excuse my ignorance as its my first guidecam and weather has not been on my side to try it since reciving it (have done focusing in daylight, so hopefully ready to go!) Even at 1 seconds all the hot pixels from my 10 second image one are still visable (I count around 40), does this high for a brand new camera? Cheers, Alex.
  8. Thanks Chris good too hear, heard some people say there Lodestar's had just a few hot pixels so wasnt sure it mine was within the 'acceptable range', not sure I understand the average grey as just looks like a mess to me with the dark frames (looks like the static from a detuned analog TV signal). Hopefully if this is all normal it will all make sense when I have a star in the camera image,
  9. I have just got a Lodestar x2 camera but having issues before I have even really started, in PHD2 with the cap on I get a fair few pixels showing (tested also outside last night with same issue). If I take darks and then use them I just get an image similar to a de-tuned TV. I have tried both the SVX and ascom driver and 2 diffrent computers. I am hoping I have just missed something stupid, I have attached images below if anyone can help, just want to ensure im not doing something silly before contacting the seller (FLO). Cheers.
  10. The one lesson I have leared for in 30 years time when it comes around again is to focus before the eclipse starts.
  11. HighHo


    My guess is still on stars, there's a couple at around 2 and 5 o' clock also. The reason I don’t think they are moons or possible planetary objects is im sure someone at NASA would have been delighted to have highlighted them, they could of course be something boring like hot pixels etc but dont match position. Its a shame stellarium cant give you a view from a different point in space.
  12. Really nice, love the shooting star at around 1:40. When I first heard of this camera it was hard to imagine 40,000 ISO in video, I couldn’t help but to think in aspects of stills from a DSLR and expected either a flooded image or an amazing star flooded image if pointed at the sky (maybe thats just me). Seeing the results from it are stunning (and I guess essentially some of the early results).
  13. If it helps I had my SCT rained on before, I feel asleep in the nice warm with my scope outside capturing, there was no rain due according the the weather forecast that night. Luckily for me the object it was tracking had put my scope fairly level so no rain hit the optics (other than maybe a few specks), I just dried the outside and looked cleaner than ever! Not quite the same story, but just wanted to share that your not the only one to have let your precious SCT occur some rain.
  14. I have the 10Ah battery, I only power my AVX mount but on 6 hour use I estimate 25% most probably not even that it seems I hardly ever need to charge the thing! With a dew heater I cant see any issues with you getting a full nights use with the 10Ah (the best way however to work out your usage would be to check the Ah(mAh) for your equipment and see what it comes back with).
  15. When I change locations I use: https://www.evi.comjust type in the place name or postcode and it uses the same format as nexstar.
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