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  1. Been an age but I actually got myself a Sky-Watcher 10" flex tube dob
  2. can you buy a skywatcher 10" dob mount on its own ive seen an orion made one but its expensive can I not just buy a skywacther standard dob mount?
  3. looking for something very simple to use that would help me find DSo's galaxy's it needs to be easy to use and points out interesting things to view for a newbie to use and hopfully doesn't cost much. something id take with me when out anyone recommend anything? possibly link to it ? thanks in advance
  4. ps I already have purchased a HR 8 and 15mm planetary lenses
  5. here's where im at atm deciding between the 120 on an eq5 2nd hand same price as the dob or the new dob seems realy hard to choose between them and I've never used a refractor. im mostly into planets or would like the best planets views I can get Dso's well mayb in time but I Cant find any genrally and don't know where they are even and tbh I just go out and point the scope a bright objects 9in the past experience) im quite new to it have owned a 4.5" reflector in the past. seems really hard to choose obv the refracter used seems a good deal with an eq5 but thr is a simplistic appeal in a dob so simple it seems very tuff to choose and there seems to be varied opinion I spose mainly for me its the best observing views with the best detail lunar and planets I think the 120 has Right ascention tracking drive to well its helios 120 but im fairly confident they are the same scope
  6. I see thanks for the replies and to the make I was thinking skywatcher
  7. alien509


    thanks all for the warm welcome
  8. considering the 200p dob also thinking 120 evostar on eq5 if I can find good secondhand one or possibly a tal 100rs peeps keep saying dob for the price but im really more interested in planets and moon and not DSO's
  9. also thinking about it anyone know if a Evostar 120 is lighter?
  10. weight for mount and then scope separated pls in kilo's would be best .
  11. im still struggling weather to get a 200p dob or a reflector and cant work out if the dob will be better or the refractor as im really more interested in moon and planet viewing I kind of see a lot of preferences both ways im down to those two or possibly the evostar 120
  12. how heavy is it I keep seeing different weight some saying its heavy some not ive seen some one move it and to me it looked very easy to move and set up as I will have to put mine if I get one in the boot of the car and drive to use it if its is very cumbersome im kind of unsure it is large but separated looks like it is quite light? or else im maybe looking at a Evostar 120 eq5 depends as price is quite different, but maybe I find something second hand.
  13. just a query on focal length the longer the focal length the better for looking at planets I understand? I was looking at the Dobson 150 and 200 the 150 is f8 and the 200 f6 does that mean the 150 is better view of say the moon and more detailed as the reviews would suggest i'm wrong ? is that because of the aperture being bigger..
  14. alien509


    new to the sight, been good for advice so far still trying to decide on a scope maybe holding out for something second hand to get a better deal just a novice
  15. wow Hi and thanks for quick responses yes I think I've narrowed it down and think the higher buget is going to be wiser than getting an Evostar 90 the link you linked Brown Dwarf is the Skywatcher Evostar 102 (EQ3-2) that's one I was looking at and I I've found it at 309, this possibly Sky-Watcher Explorer-150PL (EQ3-2) Parabolic Newtonian Reflector Telescope also looks a good option although im not sure if the view will be clearer more detailed plus has bit more maintenance looks bulkier not sure on weights ie which is heavier, the Skywatcher 200 Dobsonian I also have been looking at but does look very bulky and possibly heavy? I think maybe a pain to be storing away getting out putting in the car ect. On the plus side those 2 are cheaper last is possibly the best scope being a dobsonian but its about usage it needs to be fairly easy to move about I think I'm setting on the Evostar 102 but still not descided they all had good write up's the 200 a very good write up be nice if someone has used them?
  16. Hi I have had a telescope in the past a reflector quite a long time a go. im looking at a refractor this is what I want I have done a lot of research im prity set on a refractor. I know I enjoy looking at bright objects most, id say pretty much exclusively ie moon & planets that's my interest. just viewing not interested in AP. ive looked around you read this op that opinion it can get challenging. im looking at value for money and I prity much put it in my car boot I do have a large car. drive 3 miles get it out and study the moon and find a planet, don't really want to maintain it grab and go I want quality close up viewing of planets and the moon with the best detail I can, having said that its weather the extra money on the 102 eq3 is really a benefit for me I'm simple I point star hop the scope about and play around I'm even wondering now if its better value to get the az mount weather I can get a sturdier az mount than an eq type then get a better scope? as I know the price difference is quite different in a budget but id strecht the 300 mark if it was really worth it for me or weather ill be just as happy for what I want to do with a 140£ eq90 I may even consider the 120 on the EQ3 really pushing it at 350 I mean I see these are massive differences but I'm concerned about I suppose quality of viewing and ease of use I know refractor is the best for viewing for what I want well I'm pretty sure some good advice I would appreciate and any experience on the two or even 3 of them would be good, mayb a completely diff tripod with a sw that's better value and sturdier any good advice would be awesome to finish my decision. the thing I know is I like looking it blows your mind its weather the difference is really going to be anything special I suppose Thanks in advance
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