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  1. Thanks :-) Only had my Canon 650D, standard (crappy) 18-55mm lens and a borrowed lightweight tripod, which was being blown about quite a bit. So I was absolutely ecstatic when these came out ;-)
  2. Hi all, It's been a long time since I visited this site. But wanted to share some aurora pics that I took while in Norway several months ago. On a related topic. I want to dust of my telescope and start trying to get some images with it. I live in a heavily light polluted area... so I'm guessing that the moon is probably my best option. Can anybody give me a quick link to an easy to follow step-by-step for using DSLRs with telescope for astro photography? I will of course also trawl through the threads on here ;-) Also: I've read that you can image using smartphones through telescope lenses (for filming planets etc) - is it any good? Thanks.
  3. I was staying in West Stour, just down the road from Shaftesbury. Some of the best night skies I've seen.
  4. Cheers guys. Took the family out at 9.18 and over she went right on cue.
  5. Just viewed 5 different galaxies in 1 session with the telescope! Got to love the Dorset dark skies. Oh... and Jupiter wasn't half bad tonight either. Shame I'm heading home to Medway in the morning, and light pollution central :-(
  6. Hi all. Seen the ISS go over the last couple of nights. Does anybody know if should be visible tonight, from Southern England, and what time? Thanks.
  7. Hmm. Well even with my 10mm EP on it was still a circular fuzzy blob, certainly no stars being resolved... so perhaps it was not the cluster after all. Will have to have another look. I'm staying just South of Shaftesbury in North Dorset at the moment, and loving the dark skies ;-) Been a while since I was anywhere with a view of the Milky Way.
  8. Cheers guys. Well... looking through my copy of Turn Left - I think M13 is the winner :-)
  9. Hi all. Just been scanning the sky with my telescope... and came across what I assume to be a nebula, but can't id it. It was around the Lyra and Hercules area of the sky and appeared as a circular fuzzy shape. Normally I would check on Stellarium - but am currently in Dorset on holiday, without my laptop. So if anybody can help that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all, Can anybody advise me as to how I can go about mounting my red dot finder, as well as my finderscope to my Skymax 127 scope? I don't really want to start drilling in extra holes etc to add a second mount - bit was wondering if there are any other methods? Thanks.
  11. We have to deal with the fact that the human brain has evolved simply to help us deal with not only our day-to-day surroundings, but also the timeframe in which we live our lives... that being under a tiny 100 years. The universe consists of immense distances and time frames which we could never comprehend. I mean... nobody can possible grasp just how long a million years is... let alone 4 or 14 bilion years! Or how far away 7 million light years is. I find it incredible just how far our understanding has come... well not really mine ;-). I seriously doubt that humanity will ever come close to being able to understand or comprehend how the universe came into existence... but we should never stop trying. Science will edge us closer and closer with every debunk theory.
  12. From what I recall from reading some of Hawking's work... he does concede that we can't really know what happened prior to the big bang, since physics and the laws of nature as we know them would not have been the same.
  13. When you do hit Saturn it will blow you away... And then Jupiter will drag you back, slap you around the face and blow you even further away!
  14. My garden overlooks a power station, and if I venture more than five feet from my back door - my neihbours 3 security lights are triggered. So as you can imagine... I pretty much get confined to looking straight up :-(
  15. I'm in a similar position. I live in north Kent, and always looking for a good, accessible dark site. Holly Hill, down near snodland was recommended, but it's heavily wooded, and not too easy to navigate and setup in the dark. Would really appreciate any tip offs you get ;-)
  16. Had my skymax 127 for about a year now, and love it. The views of Saturn and Jupiter blew me away.
  17. ^ Ooops... thanks guys. I must read replies fully before jumping back in ;-)
  18. Cheers guys. Sounds like I'm better off knocking my own up then, and avoiding shelling 25 quid for no reason. How far out from the rim of the scope would it ideally need to extend?
  19. Just wondering how good dew shields actually are. I've seen the ones that appear to simply wrap around the end of the tube, but I can't see why this would be hugely effective. How do they work, and are they any good? Thanks.
  20. Hmmm. Ok, perhaps I may shoot for a Televue as they are getting all this praise. I have a Skymax 127 btw.
  21. Thanks for the advice guys. I think I'm leaning towards getting one from this guy on eBay. Not too fussed if it takes a week to come... so long as it's decent quality.
  22. Have seen this on fleeBay though: NEW! MEADE 32mm Series 4000 SUPER PLOSSL Eyepiece Lens on eBay (end time 13-May-10 03:32:30 BST) Anybody buy ep's from eBay... or is that a little risky?
  23. Hi all, I colleague of mine recommended getting a 32mm Plossl ep a while ago... which I never got around to. Question is... will I notice much difference between the more expensive Meade Plossl ep's, and a cheaper version, Skywatcher etc that can be up to half the price of a Meade? If the difference is really that noticeable - then I'll go for the better option. Thanks,
  24. Thanks for all the tips guys. That heavy duty case from Maplin looks pretty good ;-)
  25. Don't know what the name given to the planet would be, but I'm pretty sure that they believe an Earth like planet may exist around one of our nearest stars, Alpha Centuri. This is of course within our own Galaxy. I wouldn't think it's possible to detect planets of any kind outside of our Galaxy yet, given the distance involved.
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