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  1. Abingdon AS do observing sessions from either Bury Down or The White Horse carpark at Uffington, both on the Ridgeway so I guess they should be ok, not been myself to confirm.
  2. If you find the finderscope a bit of a faff to use I can recommend getting a Telrad, it had made finding things so much easier for me, then you can switch to the finder to refine the target then get viewing with the dob.
  3. When you used the focuser did you check the focus tube was actually moving? If the focus lock screw was tight then turning the focus wheel would not move the focus tube resulting in everything staying out of focus. Just release the focus lock thumb screw a little to free up the movement.
  4. Surely you know all new scopes come with added bad weather?!
  5. As long as the base rotates but not so loose it could fall out! Glad you got them sorted.
  6. How much further in do you think the screws need to go?
  7. Unfortunately think you've just missed out on a good deal on S@N subscription, but I find as mikey32shaw says it covers pretty much what you described. I find Astronomy Now is a little more in depth with more articles about cosmology and the sciencey stuff and for me a better read.
  8. Seem to remember mine got a good fair way in before the apparent stop, was only the last couple of mm that needed to be 'forced'. The gap was not enough the make the feet fall out but enough to make them wobble.
  9. As I said mine were the same but a bit of muscle got them tight. Have you got anything you can use as a washer to pad out the gap, put it between the screw and the foot, ie inside the foot?
  10. Mine took a bit of pressure to get them to fully tighten but they got there in the end.
  11. Didn't make it in the end, forgot it was half-term so had to amuse the kids all day. Will aim for the next one or maybe the main meeting.
  12. Hello Mark from a fellow Oxfordshire gazer
  13. Heads up in case anyone wants it that there is a code for the Wonders of the Universe app (iOS) in today's Telegraph worth £3.99. Just need to supply your email address and you get sent the code to download.
  14. That's a great point Langy, just capturing your own images is a huge buzz and I'm proud that I've got them. I'm under no illusions about the complexity required to get the 'Hubble type shots' you see some people take, not to mention the costs involved, but this is a start. I think sometimes people's expectations are way off when starting out in AP, and a lot of the time beginners might be out off when some of the advice on here is about buying this expensive mount, or that expensive camera, when all they really need to do is stick an iPhone or their DSLR on the end of the scope and click a button. This shot captures a moment in space and time and I'm happy.
  15. Ok, so I know I've not got the right kit for AP, I don't know what i'm doing when it comes to ISO, exposure, timing etc, but simply sticking the DSLR on the 200p dob the other night and I could get this image. Yes I know; star trails, bad focus, not well framed, but i'm well chuffed and was surprised what you can pick up in a single shot. Time to start reading Every Photon Counts, learning software and start saving me thinks, this is gonna get expensive!
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