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  1. I've tried this and it's a "no joy" scenario Excellent - could you perhaps advise on a particular model of Power Supply? I've no idea what I'm looking for.. That's interesting to note. Thank you
  2. OK thanks, both In the manual for the device, it states I need a 12VDC750 mA (Tip Positive). I see on Amazon there's one with a reversible polarity, will I blow this up if I accidentally plug the tip in the wrong way? What about this one? I'm not sure which way this one has it's polarity though... Kasstino Power Supply Adapter 12V AC 100-240V To DC 12V 2A 24W
  3. Hi Dave, Yeah - from word go it's always ran on just 1.2 rechargables without issue (aside from draining super-quick, my work around was just to have a stack charged ready). I don't have a PSU ready to go, but will be buying a 12v but at this time am unsure precisely what sort I should get (AC/DC?) and don't wish to blow it up...
  4. I have the aforementioned telescope but not used it in several years. It's just been sat, quietly out of the way in a small cupboard (dry, dark, nothing amazing) but not stored in it's box as perhaps it could have been. Nonetheless, I went to take it out as a friend had asked me to take it to his for an evening's viewing pleasure. I tried the batteries I'd just bought (16xrechargables) but was unable to get any signs of life. Between myself and a friend who's somewhat more conversant with electricity than myself, we discovered so far that there's no signs anywhere of life from it - but we're n
  5. Good stuff, I'm not too far (Kidderminster). Light pollution is a problem, but there's a good number of hideouts in the dark
  6. I don't seem able to edit my own posts, else I would have edited the above. Instead, I have to create a separate post, hence, this one. What is this cooling of the telescope about? I left mine out one of the nights at work for a few hours and one of my colleagues brought it in saying it was beginning to freeze - looking at the bigger lense (I presume there's a fancy word for this), it seemed to have got condensation on it so I left it a few hours to warm-up instead of cool-down.
  7. Thanks to all for the replies. Despite a quick google search on "collimation" it's not a term I'm familiar with. "Parallel lines of light" - I have no idea how to check that on my telescope or how to identify whether it's wrong and assuming it is wrong, I've not an inkling how to correct it... I'm not just a beginner here - I'm the lowest of the low learner!
  8. Just looking at your name & sig.. I used to live in Port Huron for a while. My first trip was to the top end, Charlavoux (forgive my spelling, too lazy to google)... up there, sky was amazing.
  9. Yes, I have the same issue - stars seem perfectly focused but Jupiter is just a.. blobby mess, utterly lacking any definition. Accounting for Uplooker's post above, that is, the atmosphere is interfering - it begs the question, what is the resolve? What is collimated? I'm strugging right now to figure out even if I have the right eye pieces in and haven't got a clue what the Barlow lense is about - aside that it has "2x" on it, so I'm guessing doubles the eye pieces magnification.
  10. Thank you for this intriguing & informative thread. It will help give me an idea of whether I'm on target or not as a completely n00b.
  11. Yep yep, already got the Sky Map for android. Although, a friend has just got an iPhone and it has some snazzy looking star-finding app on it with very detailed information. I would have focused on the Moon, but as I'm sure you're already aware, we've not had much of a Moon to see since Xmas (13). I went out last night and the only spot I could park up in had some branches just where the Moon was popping up. No sooner had it escaped the branches, some clouds decided they wanted to play. *sigh*
  12. Greetings to one & all who stumble upon my poorly worded introduction. I am new to Astronomy, despite a keen interest all of my life as far back as I can recall. Sadly, I am a low earner (care industry) and always have been, so my means are somewhat restricted... to the point of never having owned or used a telescope previously. However, this Christmas gone, I received my first ever telescope, sadly, I can barely use it as the instruction manual is 'lacking' to say the least. And given my absolute lack of past experience (nil), I'm at a loss. Here's a link to a larger image: LINK So far
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