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  1. Thanks Langy, just applied for the 30 day trial, sounds like it might even solve my ongoing polar alignment issues too which would be great (never having to use the polar scope again!) ...only problem is yet more equipment to carry outside...who needs a gym eh thanks for the comments too, if you work out what looks false let me know as I'm looking to improve
  2. Thanks guys, langy youre right I should have realised that from the name! Leveye thanks I will look into that not heard of it before, I take it it somehow connects to the camera or something?
  3. I am new to this too but I was using 1/250 and iso 100 on my moon shots tonight...seemed to be about right for detail and brightness, of course you're always going to want MORE detail but I don't think a longer shutter speed will help, the moon is SO bright!
  4. Not really sure what I was doing, tried deep sky stacker which didn't work at all, and then registax...this is about 10 raw files converted to jpg then put in registax and just let it do its thing..take with canon 7d and 400mm lens. I hand't thought to do a movie , do you get better results from a movie instead of individual shots? Thanks for looking
  5. Hi, could you tell me what you used to stack the 20 moon photos? I tried deep sky stacker and it lost the moon altogether just giving me a black image with some stars that werent even there! Registax doesn't seem to let me import raw files, am I missing something? Thanks.
  6. I love that moon shot...how many frames did you stack for it? Also being new to this what's ff and fr? And are they prime focus or eyepiece projection?
  7. Well said Phil totally agrre, it's mind blowing when you think more deeply about the things we're looking at here.
  8. Just wow! Well worth all the effort for a result like that
  9. So much of even the "proper" stuff from nasa is false coloured and it doesn't really bother me, as an image that is stunning I'd love to be able to produce something half as good!
  10. It's been clear here all night and I'm too ill and tired to go out..that's surely even worse than it being cloudy!!
  11. Thanks for the comments folks Mary this wasn't using a telescope just a normal digital camera on my mount
  12. Thanks for all the help from the folk on here tonight went much better and well I didn't polar align as I still couldn't see polaris but I did 1 star align capella and then manually adjusted then went to M42 (and had to manually adjust again) but still it all worked in live view on my DSLR and this is my first DSO photo...only a single frame 30s but you must all remember that feeling of when you first pressed the shutter on a pretty empty black screen waited 30 seconds and then WOW! Much to learn much to improve but at least I finally got to take a photo I know I shoiuld have posted this in i
  13. Thanks guys I read both manuals but clearly need to again! Thanks for your patience it all seems much better now, just hope I can find polaris through the scope next! Thanks
  14. Hi guys BIG progress, I have as you suggested done it indoors, made sure it pointed north, weights down scope up, 52deg re-did the home setup which seemed ok anyway and just tried to find capella with the 1 star align and sure enough it turned right and according to my phone with google sky map capella was there, only problem is it was quite far to the right of the screen, it says use the directional arrows to centre the object, so I tried holding down the right arrow on handset assuming it would skew right a bit but it doesn't seem to move at all...unless its just incredibly slow, it does sou
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