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  1. There is an old zen philosophy based on the "beginners mind". That place where, as a beginner, your mind is open and welcoming to all sources of information being neither judgemental nor affirmative. I take this philosophy with me through everything I do, even those areas of my life where others earlier in their journey would consider me a relative expert. To coin a well known phrase from a film, " we don't no stinking badges " :-)
  2. Yes, the worst bit of the show for me too - I thought Helen Czerski delivered well though and almost Brain Coxesque (if that's a phrase). Echo other's comments on the use of 'amateurs' etc and looking forward to the next one.
  3. Perhaps you could apply for Dob Seekers Allowance???
  4. I recently got the 5 mags for a fiver S@N subscription and will be buying the AN alongside it and making my mind up when the renewal comes round - still early days for me and no clear winner just yet.
  5. Earlier in this topic I think they mentioned they'd be at the IAS (in June)
  6. A monopod with the action grip mount as advised here http://binocularsky.com/binoc_mount.php is what I went for to mount my 15x70's and I'm glad I took the advice.
  7. I think this also acts as a great precedent to allow others to petition their local/county councils to consider the same thing. This could spark a groundswell of activity/action on this topic and a good non-astro way to get the austerity measure solution across with a secondary benefit for our 'hobby'.
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-26066754 Up to 17,000 streetlights could be switched off across Worcestershire if county council plans are approved. According to the article, trials of switching off 2 in 3 lights has gone largely un-noticed. It's a start for sure.
  9. A welcome break in the clouds and I managed an hour or so out in the back garden with the bins. After some initial searching (new to this ) and cross checking with SkySafari on my iphone (in night mode of course) to make sure I was in the right area I managed to find M81 and M82 - once I'd managed to use two triangles of stars as my marker points it was much easier to find them time after time and after a while of practicing averting my vision I could just make it a slightly brighter pin [removed word] of light of SN2104J. I have taken a screen shot from Stellarium to "paste" into a virtual log I will be creating very soon to record such events. Happy Chappy
  10. Is there anything that you have that is no longer needed (not even astro related) that could....say.... disappear via ebay to be magically replaced as a "guess what I was able to swap today???" exclamation.
  11. With my limited knowledge I think this may be an impossible question to answer as there are many variables that include things like seeing quality, object size, magnitude etc etc it might be helpful to understand the purpose behind the question to be able to provide a better answer for you.
  12. Possible break in the clouds coming over the weekend here albeit late on in the night. http://www.meteoblue.com/en/great-britain/weather-pershore/seeing
  13. Talking about insecurity lights, this is funny but a warning alert that it contains some rude words. http://www.27bslash6.com/halogen.html
  14. Following other advice on here I went for the 15x70 Revelations and use them on a monopod with an action grip and have had no trouble at all with them albeit with the recent weather it has not been as frequent as I would have liked.
  15. For me it's reading, researching and at the ripe old age of nearly 51 I'm teaching myself how to play the piano from scratch (after years of being a drummer)
  16. Don't tell the other half how much this gear REALLY costs ;-)
  17. Is there a reference list anywhere that has been compiled as regards which cameras are OK with the 'P' version and which require the 'PDS" version?
  18. Revelation 15x70's for me for my first forays in to the night sky. Once I'm happy that this is something I'll stick and progress further with I will then invest in a scope/mount and other AP paraphernalia and more than likely upgrade the bins too :-)
  19. Have you taken any "Flat" subs? I understand these are to help eliminate the problems caused by those pesky dust bunnies.
  20. Nice one Steve - those insecurity lights are killers eh? My neighbour has two on full time too. As a bit of light hearted relief on the subject have a read of this http://www.27bslash6.com/halogen.html
  21. ... the sky managed to stay clear for just over an hour or so - 7pm to around 8:15pm. In that time I got a good look in the South to South East region to pick out Orion and the Orion Nebula M42 then spent a bit of time on Jupiter and resolved three moons Callisto, Io and Ganymede as Europa is a bit too close to Jupiter (for me) to separate in the 15x70's. Whilst out that way I also checked in on Castor and Pollux then finished off back at M42. Very pleased with my first nights cruising around and now off to 'log it' but will give some thought as to whether that's paper based or PC or blog as I'm not sure which way to go with that just yet.
  22. Good luck Michelle - fingers crossed here in Worcestershire too :-)
  23. Clear sky right now- will it last???

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