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  1. Nice going matey. More evidence that sometimes the quality of the seeing is the most important factor not the quality of the gear.
  2. Thanks guys - the baader set works out the cheaper of the two too.
  3. Not a personal recommendation but I have seen him come up on other matters with a good reputation: http://www.astrotecuk.co.uk/about.html
  4. I'm looking to make a start on imaging and considering 1.25" LRGB kits to go with a manual filter wheel. At the moment I've narrowed it down to a choice of two - the more expensive of the two baader kits and the similarly prices astronomik series II kit (both in the region of around £200 give or take a few quid either side). Are there any particular benefits of one over the other please? In time I will probably also add narrowband filters to the mix too but will probably need to get proficient with these in the first instance if that affects the decision in any way. cheers all...
  5. Hi Chris - you would usually want to balance the scope on the mount (in both RA and dec) especially if using the motors on the mount to drive it to point at various points in the night sky. Check out this video for some details around this:
  6. http://www.mpbphotographic.co.uk/ or http://cheapastrophotography.vpweb.co.uk/ if you want a 'modded' one.
  7. Sorry Andre, could you be a tad more specific about what sort of things you're looking for please?
  8. Reminder - on tonight. http://www.sky.com/tv/show/cosmos/article/about-cosmos
  9. My inexperienced £0.02 worth would be that for adding the guidescope in the future consider an off axis guider as the FL is very long - hence you don't need to worry about top mounting it. If you can afford the upgraded mount then, again, for imaging having the mount with a higher degree of stability with the heavier payload would always be more advisable than pushing the current mount to its limits.
  10. Sorry to hijack the topic a little but what else do you have in the image train Sara - I can see the reducer, the OAG and the Filter Wheel on your web page - are there any spacer etc in there too please as I'm about to embark down a very similar setup and want to make sure I've got all the bits I need :-) Cheers
  11. Pint Of Stellar

    2015 - SGL 10

    Picked up my first scope too late to join in for SGL9 so a yes for '15 from me
  12. hi folks - In my never ending quest for gear and knowledge I'm wondering if you learned people can point me in the direction (if it exists) of anybody that has done a feature comparison of the common imaging software options - I'm thinking specifically: Nebulosity vs BYE vs APT but happy if anybody has anything else to add to that mix Cheers
  13. and at that point I muttered to myself - only this 'nova' is a bit bigger and louder than the Vauxhall one :-)
  14. So here's mine from last night - iphone at the 18mm eyepiece of the C925 Moon 10th March 2014 by oldestswinger, on Flickr
  15. No probs - basically a 'normal' camera has a filter over the sensor that blocks some of the stuff that is more desirable to be captured on some types of astro pics - a modified camera rectifies this. Check out the details on the website linked to above.
  16. For a fraction of the price of the 600Da you could get a Baader modified 600D from here: http://cheapastrophotography.vpweb.co.uk/
  17. This youtube clip helped me to understand more the situation with polar/drift alignment - bear with it and keep your head clear and it makes a lot of sense.
  18. Enjoy - I picked up the slightly bigger sister last week too :-)
  19. Cool - what lens are you using?
  20. Sorry to revive this topic but can anyone advise if this OAG would fit on the back of an ED80 fitted with the matching FF/FR such that i can use a 600d to image with - if the answer is yes - what else would I need to buy to make it work (considering getting a lodestar as the guide camera) (please bear in mind I'm new to all this :-) ) Cheers
  21. And now I've read this topic and am still none the wiser - I get a sense that it's possible but not quite sure with this FLO OAG... http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/178892-new-off-axis-guider/
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