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  1. I think the only thing I am not keen on is the program spoiler, after the opening credits, although it's not just the S@N  program that does this :rolleyes: the program does now have a different feel,  more impersonal ? Interesting piece on early gravity waves at the end  :smiley:

    This I too dislike with a passion. The good folks over in TV Land seem to think that as a population we have evolved into a species with the attention span of a goldfish. Not only do we get the 'spoilers' but on those godforsaken channels with 'ad breaks' we get the 'coming up after the break' reminders (to remind us of all the good stuff coming up in case we choose to switch over instead of putting the kettle on) and then once back we get the reminders of all the stuff we've already missed.

    Most of the watching in the Stellar household is now done with the benefit of it having been recorded on to the sky box so we can avoid such mind numbing televisual treats.

  2. Thanks for all the useful help and advice - I now have a set of LRGB and Narrowband filters inbound as we speak courtesy of DrRobin of this very parish (although obtained via astrobuysell) - cheers all and doubtless the current clouds will be with us for a while now.  :clouds1:

  3. Thanks to all. I have gone and done it now. I have managed to pick up a used set-up in excellent condition and am chuffed to bits. The mount with it is a CGEM so it will do everything I will want to do now and in the future. I just have to learn how to use it now.

    Welcome to the club - I too picked up a 2nd hand package earlier this year and also still learning

  4. a set of 5 X-Cel  LX eyepieces (5/7/9/12/18/24) came up on ebay yesterday with a buy it now of £115. They went in a matter of moments and the buyer is either happy with the bargain or will double his or her money by moving them on. Bargains are out there

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