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  1. Charic and Andy, once again thanks for the great input. Before reading your posts I had already ordered the 2x Barlow along with a 6.5mm eyepiece (changed my mind last minute from the 4mm, and after reading these posts I'm glad I did that). I'll try these out when they arrive and be sure to post back. I collimated the scope this morning, but during the process had a bit of a Laurel & Hardy moment - the primary mirror fell out!! If only some of the more seasoned astronomers here could have seen me, in my prime on the living room floor, trying to secure it back into place (nightmare job).
  2. The 130p arrived today and we took it out an hour ago...wow. The moon through both 25mm and 10mm was brilliant, and Jupiter with 4 moons through the 10mm was simply breathtaking. Unfortunately the clouds marched in so we're back indoors beside the fire, but I've just ordered a 2x Barlow and a 4mm eyepiece to go with it. Delighted so far and can't thank you all enough for the help and friendly advice to get us started!
  3. CJ77, that was very concise and helpful, thanks a million! Tommo, nice to see a fellow Irish stargazer on here (I'm also from Belfast), and thanks for the input!
  4. Tell me about it Andy - it's brass monkey balls weather here at the minute, especially at night. Re eyepieces, every time I think I understand the concepts of magnification, eye relief, high/low power, etc., etc., I get lost again. Am I right in thinking that the likes of a 5mm eyepiece will give high magnification but a small field of view and low eye relief? If so what would a 5mm, 6.5mm, etc., realistically be useful for on my 130p dob? Lunar and planetary viewing?
  5. Charic, thanks for the input! Stellarium is downloading and installing as we speak, looking forward to trying it out. It's pretty sunny and cloud-free here where I am at the minute, so hopefully the scope arrives today and I can try it out this evening
  6. Hello all - I'm a newbie to telescopes but a longtime lover of all things astronomy. My fiancée and I have bought a Skywatcher Heritage 130p (thanks in no small part to the advice I found on these very pages when I was Googling for reviews/advice, etc. - thanks!) and we're just waiting for it to arrive in the post. I have been reading up on how best to start stargazing and what gear is best to begin with; aside from the scope itself, would you recommend anything else? Would a copy of Turn Left at Orion or Philip's Stargazing 2014 help us as complete beginners to the hobby? I have the Googl
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