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  1. I'm currently looking into the Orion Sky View Pro 8 GoTo reflector. Is this a worthy enough upgrade over my current Starblast II 4.5?
  2. I really do appreciate all advice in this thread. My budget is around $1000. Just looking for advice on a good mount and scope to start with but also upgradeable (willing to put more money initially into the mount than the scope). Are there any scopes that are decent enough at imaging planets and DSO? Im looking for a good starting point that is good for my entry into AP and also good for just showing my family and friends who aren't as into star gazing as I am the planets and some DSO. I realize i'm probably sound maybe a little vague but if you have any questions that I may be able to ans
  3. Hello fellow star gazers! Ive been wanting to really get a decent start into astrophotography and I am in need of some help / advice. Im looking for advice on a good intermediate scope / tripod (a GoTo preferred) to start on astrophotography. I have a DSLR camera so I'm looking for advice on a good telescope to try to image planets and and DSO (looking for a scope that can do either pretty well). Also looking for a GoTo tripod (for family use). Any help would be greatly appreciated. My budget is around $1000 but would like to save a bit of that for eye pieces and other accessories if
  4. I havent recieved it yet so I can't tell you the model of the DSLR, I know it's a Canon for sure. Just out of curiosity, what is it with the mount that will limit it? I do have a motor for the mount.
  5. My parents recently purchased a new DSLR camera and they have let me have their "old one". Right now I only have a Starblast 4.5 telescope and I have been doing a lot of stuff with an Orion StarShoot camera. I figured since I have this dslr now I would try my hand at using that instead of the starshoot. My question is would i need anything other than the T-Ring and adapter? Also can a DSLR even be used with the telescope I currently have? Forgive me I am sorta new to this. Thanks!
  6. I have a Starblast 4.5 EQ with a Canon 60D camera. I know the telescope isn't the best but that is something that im going to be upgrading in the future.
  7. my sister has a DSLR that I can use for my telescope. Do I need anything other than a camera mount and an adaptor? Im not sure which of those I'd need, but I assume that would be easy. Also how hard is it to use a DSLR without a motorized EQ mount. I currently have an EQ mount but it is not motorized. Thanks for the help!
  8. I use that same exact camera. I purchased mine probably about 6 weeks ago and am liking it so far. It does take some getting used to and for me some quick adjusting to get things right, which I am still learning (harder to do without a guided mount trying to fidget with settings while keeping object in view). Ive only been using Registax as well (just started trying out PIPP). What really helped me get into Registax was this tutorial I found on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALqQfExMRBA The picture is the first picture I tried in Registax. Took a little bit of tinkering with the wa
  9. I know the expanse would allow me to see more in the EP itself as far as the stuff around Jupiter but if I'm just trying to get a good shot of the planet would they both pretty much do the same thing? If they are pretty much the same is there a point in getting say something like an edge on planetary over a wide field EP.
  10. I use a Starblast 4.5 EQ. I guess I could have worded that question better. What I was trying to ask is this. Say I'm looking at Jupiter with my scope, would my 6mm Expanse wide field EP see the same quality Jupiter as say an Edge-On Planetary EP? If that makes any sense.
  11. Hello fellow star fiends.. I have a quick question if you don't mind answering for me. I currently have the Expanse 6mm and 15mm wide field EP's that came with my telescope. My question is, would a Plossl or say the Orion Edge-on Planetary 6mm or 15mm EP give me the same results when looking at say Jupiter. I'd think that they would be better at say seeing detail as they are probably designed for more focused views on planets. Am I wrong?
  12. Im learning, this was 10 times better than the first one I recorded. For the record I should state that Im using a StarBlast 4.5 EQ with an Orion StarShoot IV camera. The camera especially isnt the best available. I found that without the moon filter it just seemed way to bright. Thanks for all the input!
  13. Is that something that can be adjusted in RegiStax? I had a moon filter on my camera at the time.
  14. Hey star fiends! Last night was perfect, took a brilliant video of the moon. So I decided this morning to try RegiStax for the first time. I also have a video of Jupiter and Venus that I was lucky enough to get when I got home from work. Decided I would start with the moon as it would be the easiest. Lemme know what you guys think!
  15. Hey star fiends! Tonight was the first perfect night to take the telescope out in a little bit and I finally got to try out my Orion StarShoot IV (I know, not the best camera but I am new to this and it seems like a good starter camera). I use it with my Orion Starblast 4.5 EQ that my lovely wife got me for christmas. Anyways I was wondering if anyone else has this camera (or a total setup close to mine) that has any tips on using the camera, specifically for focusing ad getting detail out of planets. I got a nice video of the moon, which I am trying Registax for the first time, but had tro
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