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  1. It definitely wasn't a bird or a fly it was moving really slowly in a kind of zigzag and moving slowly
  2. I was viewing the moon last night and saw some dark objects moving over the surface of the moon I saw them about 2 or 3 times any ideas guys?
  3. Thanks for your help and advice ronin it's a weird problem everything seems to be working fine the scope moves fine using the arrow buttons the handset bleeps and lights up even the display lights up orange but no text ? Only other problem the vga computer lead it came with doesn't fit lol
  4. Thank you star Lord for your helpful reply I will try and update the firmware first I haven't changed any of the wires for it so that shouldn't cause a problem I just think it's me and bad luck lol
  5. Thanks guys for your welcoming replys need to get back up and running again hope to speak to you all again soon
  6. Hi tom welcome i am also in bristol
  7. Hi all my name is mark and i am from bristol uk i was a regular on here a couple of years ago then my telescope broke. I have a Skywatcher az goto 130p synscan which is kindof now working accept i have no display on the handset (tears in eyes) lol. Cant wait to start using it again and get some help and guidance from you guys.
  8. Thanks for reply the telescope moves when I press the arrow buttons but there is no display on the handset it lights up orange and bleeps to say it's connected to the telescope
  9. hi all i havent used my skywatcher az goto scope for about 1year now just powered it up for the first time and my handset lights up orange but has no display andy ideas guys?
  10. Thank you for all your very helpful replies my wife will be much happier lol :-)
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