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  1. Thanks Isabelle it could be a lot better with the big telescope, but there was to much wind
  2. Sorry i couldn't take the big telescope with me this time to much wind. So i had to do it with my Meade ETX-70, after a while there were to much clouds so i stopped filming, but here is a short video from how it was. Have Fun!
  3. Thanks Telrad, and you are welcome
  4. Moon & Saturn 2011-06-12 Time Equipment Celestron Nexstar 11" 40 & 26mm Eyepiece. 2 pocket Camera's Casio exilim Z-25 and a Sony Cyber-shot DSC.Have Fun
  5. Hi there! Here are some new vid's from the moon and my new 11" Nexstar telescope:rolleyes: Have Fun!
  6. Thanks Steve!, This was some gameMusic from Call of Duty, most of the time i use copyleft music
  7. Moon / Sun And Telescope Setup Have Fun! Sun Moon Telescope Setup
  8. Thanks tinvec, yes its impressiv how the new camera's are perhaps soon 3D :0)
  9. And here Night & Day (moon & Sun)
  10. Thanks barkis, Yes the moon is a great target for this type of Imaging, but for planet view its also not to bad! Mars & Moon not a real clear shot! Orion & Pleiades And Saturn Next time i try to catch Jupiter
  11. Hi there, I have made recently some great video's from the Moon. I started with a webcam, but now i use only a pocket Camera and digiscope adapter for it and it works great! 1. Meade ETX-70 2. Russentonne 3 Meade ETX-125 4. Celestron Nexstar 8"
  12. Yo welcome Gridkeeper YouTube - bosb33r's Channel
  13. Supershot http://www.youtube.com/user/bosb33r
  14. bosb33r

    Hi all

    Thanks all for this warm welcome in this big scope family http://www.youtube.com/bosb33r
  15. bosb33r

    Hi all

    Hi all i am bosb33r :0) alias Stef i am dutch great site thanks to pppaul1973 for the link and hope to learn more on here and perhaps you can learn from me Meade ETX-70/125 http://www.youtube.com/user/bosb33r
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