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  1. im the same with light pollution where i am close to London an annoyance if you ask me... im just upgrading my scope at the mo moving upto a Celestron Advance vx 8 edge HD....being where you are have you tried The Hogs Back near Aldershot ( i know again light pollution) but worth a try and another place i can think of is Longmoor training area ( im a veteran) i i can say that place gets dark.

  2. Hello and welcome to SGL, I bet your glad you've made that jump and I reckon the New Forest would be awesome to view from, I used to live in Hythe but didn't have a scope at the time. Anyways happy stargazing

  3. Thanks all I've been looking at an eq mount on the celestron website a computerised G5 mount and tripod and the faqs on their website says the dovetail joint on my scope will fit it, so looks like that might be the one. I have one book so far long exposure astrophotography, and I will be getting more once I've moved. I've got some good shots of the moon and The Orion Nebula but nothing fancy, I've managed to get a small but reasonable shot of Jupiter with my DSLR, and soon I should be getting some better shots and something to be proud of..... again thanks everyone for your help it is very much appreciated.

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  4. Thanks, I was kinda thinking my mount wasn't any good for DSO'S, but deep down I was hoping I could still use it ( oh well shopping it is then ). I think I can get a focal reducer for my scope, I'll have to do a bit of digging around as I'm sure I've seen one advertised somewhere... again many thanks for your help.

    Happy Gazing.

  5. Help I am totally frustrated and confused of the mine field that is astrophotography. I've done some with hints and tips from the guides in the sky at night mag, but still I am confused. The kit im using is Celestron nexstar 6se scope on mount it comes with, Canon 1100d dslr and a Barlow t- adaptor 1 1/4 with t-ring. I've been looking into getting a CCD and the one I've looked at is the Orion starshoot g3 colour , Firstly is my current set up any good and is the CCD I mentioned any good for my scope ? What I'm after doing is DSO'S. Any advice will greatly appreciated.

  6. Hi all,

    Im Steve and I've Just recently got back into astronomy. I remember going out in the back garden with my dad to watch Halleys comet back in the 80's. The kit I have now is a Celestron Nexstar 6se plus filter pack. At the moment I live in London but hopefully soon will be moving out to the sticks, less light pollution there. I got a interest in astrophotography to can't afford Much but I do have a t ring and Barlow t adapter for a canon 1100d. Happy stargazing

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