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  1. Had this pop up on my Facebook feed and thought someone might find it useful https://www.facebook.com/poweryouradventures/posts/798123710242995
  2. I was thinking about buying and modifying one of these: http://uk.e-catalog.craemer.com/waste-disposal-systems/wheelie-bins-mgb/mgb-1100-l-plastic
  3. Looks nice but a bit on the expensive side for me. But it's gotten me thinking, how much would one of those big industrial waste bins with the roll over lid set me back..?
  4. Hello wise ones, I currently use a webcam for grabbing images and want to get a proper camera that I can also use for normal photography as well. I've found a Canon EOS 40D (body only) going for just under £100 - it seems to have all that I'd need, movie mode, live view and a wealth of free software. The question is, what are the groups opinion of it? I'm currently using a Jessops TA800-80 and a celestron 130 reflector.
  5. An angle grinder or a friend with a plasma cutter should be fine for cutting it, plus you (hopefully) wouldn't lose as much rigidity when cutting off the top and the doorway! I'm currently popping into charity shops looking for old Lego technique sets (with no luck), just to had a go at building a focus controller for my old scope..
  6. Dear RickK, I am currently no longer talking to yourself or anyone else in this thread, due to you opening my thinking to a wider range of problem solving on a budget! In revenge, I was wondering if you had seen this..... http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/251630134644?cmd=VISPEC
  7. I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that this isn't a straight forward hobby, lateral thinking seems to be a huge part of what we do. In what other hobby would you look at a septic tank and a giant water container and think...'yeah, that'll work', although I'm now looking for the parts myself!!
  8. The more I look at the page, the more information I find! They've got a 12v 120w kit on offer for under £190 with everything you need to be up and running off grid. At that price, it looks like an obsy is going to need to be built to put it on!
  9. I was skimming through Facebook earlier when I saw this on my newsfeed: www.bimblesolar.com Looks like they sell second hand solar panels, inverters, batteries, the whole lot. They even have a power calculator that'll help you to work out what size panels you'll need. Hopefully someone will find it usefull.
  10. As if this hobby wasn't complicated enough, we try and make things more difficult! In a moment of non astro reading, I came across the raspberry Pi and was wondering - does anyone use them, what for and how difficult is their learning curve?
  11. Don't know a out the chairs but ikea have got a sale on and are selling an adjustable stool for under £8, looks like the type you used to get in a photo booth where you spin the seat to go up or down..... http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/store/263/sale?preferedui=desktop&cid=gb_mw_footer&cid=uk_em__hero_image_en0248__sale2em1_263
  12. Pop it down to the cop shop, if no one claims it within 90 days, it's yours anyway. Worked for me a few years ago when I found just shy of £200 in £10 and £20 notes blowing around. Everyone said I was too honest, my way I got paid AND had a clear conscience!
  13. Thanks guys, I thought that my plan was a little bit too simple to have been overlooked by everyone. Not that it'd make a great deal of difference at the moment, getting lovely clear blue sky's during the day but as the sun goes down on one side ofthe sky, the clouds are rolling in from the other!
  14. A question to the wise from us newbies. I've recently bought an astro master 130EQ and know that I'm supposed to polar align it each session. Because my home observing is done from my concrete driveway, after aligning the scope with the front leg pointing north, if I mark the driveway between the 2 rear legs and extend the line the length of the drive (8m), the next time I'm out, providing the rear legs are back on the line, am I still aligned?
  15. The trollies are a lot tougher than they look, I bought one to transport my scope around in a flight case, it also gets used on ikea furniture runs. Your right about the wheels though, they sink straight into soft soil....wonder if I can pop them off and swap for something a little more off road.....
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