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  1. Here's a view from my backyard toward the West at sunset....Venus and Mercury near each other...You don't see Mercury too often...Go take a peek.....and show the kids. Doug
  2. I got an Orion Full Aperture Solar Filter a few weeks ago for my 100mm - 600mm fl refractor. Today was the first time to try out taking an image with the Canon XT...This was taken at 10:30 EDT, today March 27, 2010....1/2000 second exposure. I was happy that I caught the current solar spots...AR 1057. Cheers, Doug
  3. John, nice image and great surprise catch of the comet too. The animation shows the comet movement very well. Doug
  4. Thanks Peter...I downloaded it...But will have to practice and see how I do....... Cheers Doug
  5. Thanks for the info Doc...now to calculate when that might happen and be convenient to view at a reasonable hour... Doug
  6. Any one have the dates and times UT for the Lunar X to be visible. Cheers, Doug
  7. Not sure why the halo is there...Maybe due to not having an IR filter, or it's due to the lower quality imager compared to Imaging Source, ect....
  8. It's nice to have time ocassionally to re-work avi's. Here's a redo of Mars taken on 31 Jan 10. Taken with a CPC-1100 and Philips 840K web cam @f10. Cheers, Doug
  9. I really don't know what forum to post this in. But, this past weekend was the first time I ever actually saw more than the normal 4-stars of the trapezium. So, I tried to catch it with my DMK-31-mono camera. Here's what I saw. Doug
  10. Congrats on your first galaxy...Looks fine to me. You should have seen my first astro-image a few years back...M13....Not so good...Lol. Keep at it. Cheers, Doug
  11. This should be my last go at Mars this time around (20 Feb 10). Although it's still shining brightly in the evening skies. It is getting smaller as it move away for us. This was taken with a CPC-1100 @native f10, DMK-31 mono camera and Red Astronimik filter. Image was resized 200%. I'm not sure of all the detail....But, maybe I got some of the dust storms as seen as lighter areas. Doug
  12. I caught this flare tonight using a Canon XT with a 50mm - f1.8 @f5 for 15 seconds. This one was near -6.4 mag.......... The brightest star at lower-left of center is Sirius. Doug
  13. Here's a shot with the DMK-mono camera last evening. Doug
  14. Well here's most likely my last image to be taken with the ToUcam and CPC-1100 this year, near opposition. This was taken @f15 using a Seibert 1.5x barlow and a Baader Moon & Skyglow filter. Conditions were only average. As a matter of fact, Mars looked more white in the sky instead of the reddish glow. Regards, Doug
  15. Neil, Very good detail consideing the weather challenges you had to endure. I look forward to seeing what the 12" will do. I hope you get better weather soon being that I enjoy your lunar and planetary images very much. Cheers, Doug
  16. I downloaded MS-ICE and gave it a quick go with two images to stitch. It worked very well and ran virtually automatically. I'll give it another test on numerous images some day soon. Thanks for the information to this link. Doug Neal
  17. Thanks guys for the advice. It seems the "feature" did the trick. It looks fine now. I'll post it later when I reduce the size of the monster...lol. Cheers, Doug
  18. It's been a long time since I tried to merge two lunar pics together with iMerge. I've gotten the two pics aligned by right clicking and all seems fine. But when I Save the merged image the match lines are seen. How do I make the lines disappear? Thanks Doug
  19. This is a quick pic taken with a CPC-1100 @f 6.3, Astronomik Red Filter and IS DMK-31, mono-usb camera. Processed in Registax 5 and twiddled with miscellanous other stuff..... Cheers, Doug
  20. I use a Zhumell 10: 1 ratio (?) which screws onto the back of my SCT. It's not a high end focuser...But it sure beats the Celestron focuser on the scope.
  21. I think I forgot to attach the photo... Doug
  22. Here's another quick pic from 28 Dec 09....taken with the CPC-1100, Astronomik Red Filter and IS DMK-31 mono-usb camera. Cheers, Doug
  23. Here's a quick pic taken while waiting for the ISS to show up. This was taken with the CPC-1100 @f 6.3, Atronomik Red filter and the IS DMK-31, mono-usb camera. Doug
  24. Thanks to all for the kind responses for my first go at Mars. As mentioned, the image is a little soft. But, conditions weren't at best even thought Mars was up about 50 degrees. It was a bubbling blob...I was lucky to get this much detail as it were. My collimation is Okay...and the focus was done carefully with a micro-focuser. But as you see, I couldn't get sharp details this time...I'm going to try again soon. Cheers, Doug
  25. Thank you all for the kind remarks...Yes, I did use CalSky for the predictions. I was disappointed at first that it had mislead me since I never saw anything in the sky. But, the ISS was not catching any reflections...So it was in the stealth mode....Darn Klingon vessel .... I have regained trust in the Calsky notifications.... Cheers, Doug
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