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  1. Hi I finally got my telescope. Haven't used it because of clouds. Can't wait to use it.
  2. Hi Is there anyone that found all the dso's that you linked?
  3. Hi again I'm still waiting for my telescope. Which constellation have most DSO's in it. I don't want to spend time in one that doesn't have many. Thank for the help
  4. Hi 70-80£ is my budget and i think i want a 1.25° or maybe a bit wider. Thanks for the help
  5. Hi I need help with getting a wide field eyepiece. My telescope is a skywatcher 10" dobson 1200mm focal length f/4.7. I have the eyepieces that can with the telescope 10mm and 25 mm
  6. I think i will do like rory said, going by constellation at a time. Thanks for the help everybody
  7. What telescope was it from the beginning? And how much did it costs to build the finderscope? And do you think it will be too heavy for my 10" dobson? I'm thinking about making one. Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks for the help I will check out The Astro Leauge
  9. Thanks brantuk for the help Now i understand thanks andyman
  10. Damn but will it be possible to see all 100 moons? Thanks for your time
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